Cooking with a conscience

Malaysia is a world leader in responsible, sustainable, non-GMO palm oil production. The Malaysian palm oil industry is at the forefront of wildlife and environmental protection.

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Your Health and Nutrition Resource

The Palm Oil Health and Nutrition blog is your resource for information on the health and nutritional benefits of Malaysian palm fruit oil and palm fruit oil bioactives, plus breaking news and industry research, health and nutrition advice, and recipes.

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Rich in Natural Chemical Compounds

Palm oil is rich in natural chemical compounds important for health and nutrition. It is a natural source of Carotenoids & Vitamin E, supplies fatty acids and other important fat-soluble micronutrients.

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Superior Quality and Purity

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board developed a special patented technology for the extraction of Tocotrienols, and the latest technology to purify Tocotrienols was developed to produce a superior quality and purity.

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Latest News

Kale, chia and palm oil: Trending foods profiled on Colorado Fox news.

June 30, 2015 trending foods

It’s funny how dietary trends work. Some of today’s most trending foods are items that people...

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Health expert investigates Malaysian palm oil’s impact on orangutans

June 29, 2015 impact on orangutans

He learned that the country cares deeply about its animals, and that its palm oil industry is a...

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My topic on CBS News: What fats to eat and what to avoid.

June 26, 2015 what fats to eat

Malaysian sustainable palm oil: Rich in brain- and heart-healthy tocotrienols, Malaysian palm oil...

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Why the natural yield of the non-GMO oil palm is vital to our world

June 25, 2015 natural yield of the non-GMO oil palm

When Alternative Health Expert Bryce Wylde, BSc, DHMHS traveled to Kuala Lumpur to attend a...

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CBS viewers know my sun protection tip: Malaysian palm tocotrienols.

June 24, 2015 sun protection tip

Researchers believe that tocotrienols help protect your skin from UV damage by slowing cellular...

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Naturopathic physician reveals a better oil for the paleo diet

June 23, 2015 oil for the paleo diet

Paleo folks are focused on eating in ways that are both traditional and sustainable. Palm oil has...

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I told ABC viewers to fight UV damage with this beneficial supplement

June 22, 2015 fight UV damage

The sun’s UV rays accelerate aging, and may cause skin breakdown and wrinkling. Tocotrienols are...

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How to make your beauty routine environmentally friendly

June 19, 2015 environmentally friendly

Non-GMO Malaysian palm oil is good for the environment. Unlike petrochemicals or animal-sourced...

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Fox viewers learn my fat-burning secret is choosing the right oil

June 18, 2015 fat-burning secret

Many people love cheese, but few realize that two ounces of reduced fat cheese has 180 calories and...

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U.S. Trans Fats Ruling: A much overdue move to improve overall health of the population

June 17, 2015

alm oil and palm fractions thus continue to provide the most viable options and in the immediate...

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Malaysia’s commitment to conservation affirmed with new forest bill

June 17, 2015 Malaysia's commitment to conservation

This new Forest Bill further empowers forestry officials to deal with any illegal deforestation in...

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I told CBS news viewers to say goodbye to trans fats and use palm oil

June 16, 2015 goodbye to trans fats

Out for breakfast before coming to the set, I saw a family using buttery spread made with partially...

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Fox News viewers learn about a sustainable and protective healthy oil

June 15, 2015 protective healthy oil

I also explained how you might protect your skin from within with tocotrienols. This super potent...

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The truth about fats: the good, the bad and the ugly.

June 12, 2015 truth about fats

Most oils oxidize over time and their flavor and aroma turn rancid. Olive oil’s goodness breaks...

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