Cooking with a conscience

Malaysia is a world leader in responsible, sustainable, non-GMO palm oil production. The Malaysian palm oil industry is at the forefront of wildlife and environmental protection.

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Your Health and Nutrition Resource

The Palm Oil Health and Nutrition blog is your resource for information on the health and nutritional benefits of Malaysian palm fruit oil and palm fruit oil bioactives, plus breaking news and industry research, health and nutrition advice, and recipes.

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Rich in Natural Chemical Compounds

Palm oil is rich in natural chemical compounds important for health and nutrition. It is a natural source of Carotenoids & Vitamin E, supplies fatty acids and other important fat-soluble micronutrients.

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Superior Quality and Purity

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board developed a special patented technology for the extraction of Tocotrienols, and the latest technology to purify Tocotrienols was developed to produce a superior quality and purity.

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Latest News

Nutrition pro tells ABC viewers about unhealthy and healthy fats

July 29, 2015 unhealthy and healthy fats

Instead of focusing on fats, Bowden suggested avoiding junk food. “All these candies, cookies and...

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What you grew up believing about heart health is probably wrong

July 28, 2015 about heart health

Your mom told you to limit your butter and egg consumption based on 1950s and 1960s research that...

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PINC 2015 will turn world’s attention to palm oil

July 27, 2015 PINC 2015

On August 3 and 4, PINC 2015 attendees will hear about the latest palm oil nutrition research and...

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Palm oil and indigenous people: Malaysia’s Temiar tribe story.

July 24, 2015 palm oil and indigenous people

The study also reports that pressures on the existing wildlife have diminished because the Temier...

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Why food manufacturers prefer Malaysian sustainable palm oil

July 23, 2015 ood manufacturers prefer Malaysian sustainable palm oil

Food technology expert Kurt Berger has more than 50 years of experience researching the quality,...

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Sirius XM listeners learn about a healthy and natural cooking oil

July 22, 2015 natural cooking oil

Non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil has a balanced fatty acid content. The natural oil consists...

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Nutritious palm oil is non-GMO; great for families trying to eat clean

July 21, 2015 palm oil is non-GMO

Families trying to eat cleaner, more natural meals are happy to learn that non-GMO palm oil is an...

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Arizona news viewers get expert advice for swapping their cooking oil

July 20, 2015 cooking oil

The latest research on saturated fat surprised many people. “We were told to avoid saturated fats...

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Your kids may be eating more trans fats than you think

July 17, 2015 eating more trans fats

Many manufacturers are shying away from factory-created fats, and instead choosing Malaysian...

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I told Colorado Fox viewers about a trending vitamin E-rich ingredient

July 16, 2015 vitamin E-rich foods

The FDA has ordered food manufacturers to remove partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs), and their...

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How Malaysian oil will help America eliminate trans fats

July 15, 2015 eliminate trans fats

Because Malaysian sustainable palm oil is such a simple substitute for partially hydrogenated oils,...

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Origin matters: Health expert says to seek out Malaysian palm oil.

July 14, 2015 seek out Malaysian palm oil

The largest supplier of sustainable palm oil to the United States takes a different approach to...

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Protect yourself from hidden trans fats with these three easy rules

July 13, 2015 hidden trans fats

A better-for-you alternative is Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This premium ingredient has the...

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Malaysian palm oil is preferred by American companies

July 10, 2015 Malysian palm oil is preferred

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, and supplies its oil to companies...

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