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The Palm Oil Health and Nutrition blog is your resource for information on the health and nutritional benefits of Malaysian palm fruit oil and palm fruit oil bioactives, plus breaking news and industry research, health and nutrition advice, and recipes.

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Rich in Natural Chemical Compounds

Palm oil is rich in natural chemical compounds important for health and nutrition. It is a natural source of Carotenoids & Vitamin E, supplies fatty acids and other important fat-soluble micronutrients.

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Superior Quality and Purity

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board developed a special patented technology for the extraction of Tocotrienols, and the latest technology to purify Tocotrienols was developed to produce a superior quality and purity.

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Latest News

Sustainable foods, including healthy fats, the topic of my ABC segment

April 17, 2015 sustainable foods

Palm oil is sustainably produced in Malaysia. The country makes a concerted effort to ensure palm...

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Your Earth Day shopping challenge: healthy and sustainable foods.

April 16, 2015 Earth Day Shopping

Today, many food manufacturers are reducing or replacing trans fats in their products with...

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The best cooking oil for every part of you

April 15, 2015 best cooking oil

The Malaysian palm oil industry cares about its environment. It invests in wildlife conservation...

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At risk of heart disease? Viewers nationwide learn palm oil can help.

April 14, 2015 palm oil

Palm oil has the right balance of saturated to polyunsaturated fat which helps manage cholesterol....

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Moms hear that changing your cooking oil to benefit your health

April 13, 2015 cooking oil

This healthy oil can be found in many international grocery stores and is a healthy ingredient in...

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What kind of cook are you? The answer will help you choose the best cooking oil.

April 9, 2015 best cooking oil

Palm oil can be substituted for solid fats such as butter, margarine or shortening when baking....

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Washington DC TV gave me a chance to link beach bodies with palm oil

April 8, 2015 palm oil

The new Dietary Guidelines talk about eating foods that are sustainable. Malaysian palm oil is...

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Two wings and a beak: Malaysian palm oil’s integrated pest management

April 7, 2015 integrated pest management

This handsome barn owl is known as a silent predator of the night. In Malaysia, these magnificent...

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The truth about palm oil: Malaysia’s sustainable gift to the world

April 2, 2015 truth about palm oil

Responsibly cultivated palm oil is more environmentally beneficial than any other oil crop....

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Health expert praises Malaysia’s palm oil sustainability

April 1, 2015 Malaysia's palm oil

“I can see a number of potential benefits from using palm fruit oil – it is very heat stable,...

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Nutritionist says some healthy fats are better than others

March 30, 2015 healthy fats

“We should substitute Malaysian palm oil which is environmentally sustainable, for some of that...

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Balancing the fatty acids you eat may help your heart

March 27, 2015 fatty acids

We are consuming 6-25 times more omega-6s than anti-inflammatory omega-3s. How did this happen?...

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Palm oil keeps Malaysia’s economy and families moving forward

March 25, 2015 palm oil

The Malaysian government and industry leaders have taken steps to ensure that palm oil continues to...

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ABC TV interview educates Californians about saturated fat benefits

March 19, 2015 saturated fat

Saturated fatty acids, such as those found in Malaysian palm oil, are perfectly fine to consume....

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