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The Palm Oil Health and Nutrition blog is your resource for information on the health and nutritional benefits of Malaysian palm fruit oil and palm fruit oil bioactives, plus breaking news and industry research, health and nutrition advice, and recipes.

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Rich in Natural Chemical Compounds

Palm oil is rich in natural chemical compounds important for health and nutrition. It is a natural source of Carotenoids & Vitamin E, supplies fatty acids and other important fat-soluble micronutrients.

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Superior Quality and Purity

The Malaysian Palm Oil Board developed a special patented technology for the extraction of Tocotrienols, and the latest technology to purify Tocotrienols was developed to produce a superior quality and purity.

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Latest News

Elephant care is a goal shared by Malaysia and its palm oil industry

March 3, 2015 palm oil industry

At a sustainable palm oil plantation in Sabah, Nabilah and Marven learned that the Malaysian palm...

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Green drinks are even healthier with sustainable Malaysian palm oil

February 26, 2015 green drinks

Green drinks are a quick and popular way to increase your intake of nutrient-dense vegetables....

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Dietitian demonstrates the science of healthy fats for ABC viewers

February 23, 2015 healthy fats

Recent studies have shown that we no longer need to shy away from saturated fats. We don’t want...

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Show explains what bears and bugs have to do with healthy palm oil

February 18, 2015 healthy palm oil

Malaysia’s palm oil industry is committed to preserving the habitat of native wildlife and using...

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Study fuels concerns about governments’ dietary fat guidelines

February 16, 2015 dietary fat guidelines

After yet another extensive meta-analysis, researchers in the U.S. and U.K. have concluded that...

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Ditch the fast food! Try this easy chicken recipe made with palm oil.

February 11, 2015 palm oil

Forget drive-through meals in a bag. In less than 10 minutes, you can prepare a savory meal using...

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Malaysia’s palm oil industry keeps the Kinabatangan River pristine

February 9, 2015 palm oil industry

Naturalist Nigel Marven and chef Anis Nabilah explored one of Malaysia’s most treasured places,...

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Dr. Jonny Bowden asks Chef Gerard Viverito to bust cooking oil myths

February 5, 2015 cooking oils

It’s time to end the confusion about cooking oils! Nutrition myth buster Dr. Jonny Bowden invited...

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Watch how Malaysia’s palm oil industry protects Borneo’s wildlife

February 2, 2015 palm oil industry

Episode two of the Asian Food Channel television show, Eating Wild, explored how the Malaysian palm...

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Seafood tonight? Sustainable swordfish prepared with Malaysian palm oil

January 30, 2015 sustainable

This super-nutritious, sustainable seafood meal, made with Malaysian sustainable palm oil, can be...

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Orangutans and Malaysian palm oil featured on new Eating Wild program

January 28, 2015 Eating Wild

A new Asian Food Channel television show, Eating Wild, is exploring Malaysia’s unique landscape...

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Pharmacist includes tocotrienols in national vitamin advice article

January 22, 2015 tocotrienols

How do you know which vitamins, and which brands, you should be taking? In a Health News Digest...

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Early research suggests palm polyphenols may lower diabetes symptoms

January 14, 2015 palm polyphenols

If you have type 2 diabetes, or have been told that you are at risk of developing the disease, you...

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U.S. News & World Report recaps 2014 saturated fat news

January 12, 2015 saturated fat

From butter to lard, bacon to beef, fat made the news in 2014. Healthcare professionals around the...

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