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KMAX 1.23.2014 Dr Beverly Yates MPOC Miller Blog

The smarter way to lose weight: CBS TV viewers learn how healthy oils help dieters

There is a place for healthy oils, such as Malaysian palm fruit oil, in a weight-loss diet. “Sometimes people who are thin aren’t necessarily healthy,” said naturopathic doctor Beverly Yates during an interview on KMAX Sacramento’s Good Day. Yates said cutting out entire food groups is a mistake. “In the case of cutting out fats, you lose your fatty vitamins along with other nutrients.” She said that Malaysian palm fruit oil is a healthy dietary fat, explaining that it is nature’s richest source of vitamin E tocotrienols, which NIH studies show may help people recover from strokes. Trans fat-free red Malaysian palm fruit oil also contains 15 times more beta carotene than carrots.

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