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fruit oil

Dallas radio listeners learn why Malaysian palm fruit oil is a “forbidden food” that’s okay to eat

When asked by One Life Radio host about “forbidden foods” that people don’t need to fear eating, Dr. Jonny Bowden was quick to respond: Saturated fat. Explaining that inflammation is a huge contributor to heart disease, the Rogue Nutritionist said, “One of the reasons we are so inflamed with our diet is that, in this craze to reduce our saturated fat consumption, we switched to vegetable oils.” These oils – canola, soybean, sunflower, cottonseed and more – are rich in omega-6s, which promote inflammation. Bowden encouraged Dallas listeners to cook with Malaysian palm fruit oil. Loaded with antioxidants, palm fruit oil may reduce inflammation and contains tocotrienols, which may protect the brain from stroke damage. Because environmentally-conscious Malaysia only produces a sustainable product, Bowden added, “When you get palm oil from Malaysia, you get none of the downsides.”

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