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National Practitioner Tocotrienols

Natural Practitioner Magazine has full-page article on palm tocotrienols

Thousands of alternative, complementary and integrative healthcare professionals read about the potential health benefits of tocotrienols derived from Malaysian Palm Oil. The June issue of Natural Practitioner Magazine features a full-page article, with scientific research references, on this exciting form of vitamin E.

The article, entitled Tocotrienols: Nature Knows Best, is a handy overview of what is known so far about this powerful antioxidant including:

• The NIH-funded research indicating that tocotrienols may increase blood circulation to areas of the brain damaged by ischemic stroke

• Studies showing that tocotrienols may decrease atherosclerosis

• Studies supporting tocotrienols’ benefit in healthy cholesterol management

• Research findings that show tocotrienols to be profoundly beneficial in addressing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

• Tocotrienols’ potential ability to protect skin from harmful UV rays

With more than 10 years of research now completed, there is now an extensive body of evidence that this lesser known form of Vitamin E may have many potential benefits for a broad spectrum of the population.


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