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Nutritionist encourages forgetful NBC viewers to switch to palm oil

We all forget things sometimes. It’s not just you. There are tactics you can take to help support your brain health, such as switching to sustainable Malaysian palm oil. Nutritionist and Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bowden PhD, CNS explained on WOAI’s San Antonio Living why we need to make an oil change in our cooking.

Bowden said that sometimes our forgetfulness may be due to attention problems, rather than memory loss. He sympathized that these days, “we’ve gotten assaulted with so much information … we’re trying to pay attention to too many things and we can’t really multitask. We don’t need to panic about losing our memory just because we can’t remember what we ate for breakfast.”

That being said, there are health strategies we can adopt to help support our brain health. Bowden encouraged viewers to adopt an anti-inflammatory diet, since many degenerative diseases “have inflammation at their core.” He also told viewers to make a change in the cooking oils they are using. “We’re cooking with the wrong oils.” Instead of highly inflammatory canola oil, he suggested switching to sustainable Malaysian palm oil.

Bowden indicated that people have shied away from Malaysian palm oil because of the saturated fat it contains. But he clarified that saturated fat has been exonerated of causing heart disease, and Malaysian palm oil is a positive choice for brain health. “This red that you see in the Malaysian palm oil is from all the antioxidants that are found in the oils; this is very, very good for the brain.”

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A study indicates that the vitamin E tocotrienols found most abundantly in palm oil may be responsible for much of its brain-health benefits. The health of your brain’s white matter affects how well it learns and functions. This is also the area of the brain most often affected by stroke. Results of a two-year human clinical study published in the American Heart Association journal, Stroke, show that vitamin E tocotrienols derived from Malaysian palm oil may support white matter health by weakening the progression of white matter lesions. This is the first study that provides solid evidence of tocotrienols’ neuroprotective benefits in humans.

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