cooking healthy fall meals

Tips for cooking healthy fall meals revealed on CBS radio

With cooler weather kick-starting comfort food cravings, Chicago’s Weekend Journal host Lisa Kosty learned why fall is a good time to start cooking with Malaysian palm fruit oil. She welcomed holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos to the show who encouraged listeners to eat plenty of root vegetables, including high-fiber sweet potatoes. However, Torkos cautioned against using olive oil in the cooking process. Explaining that olive oil’s molecular structure breaks down under high heat, Torkos recommended roasting or pan searing vegetables in cholesterol-neutral Malaysian palm fruit oil instead. Unlike other tropical oils such as coconut oil (which also has a high smoke point), Malaysian palm fruit oil won’t change the flavor of your favorite dishes. Plus, it is rich in neuroprotective tocotrienols. Weekend Journal airs on WUSN.

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