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It's Your Health

Tropical oils proclaimed healthy during National Public Radio interview

Dr. Jonny Bowden told It’s Your Health’s national audience why he’s on a mission to get more people to use non-GMO Malaysian palm fruit oil. “Everybody’s cooking with canola oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil and all these vegetable oils,” the Rogue Nutritionist said. “It’s not that these oils are necessarily bad. It’s that they need to be balanced with omega-3s.” He continued, “We’re consuming about 16 times more vegetable oils than omega-3s, which puts us wildly imbalanced. We need to start rotating in the other healthy oils.”  He zeroed in on Malaysian red palm fruit oil for several reasons. It is rich in antioxidants. The oil’s red color, in fact, comes from an abundance of beta carotene. He also likes Malaysian red palm fruit oil and some other tropical oils because they stand up to high heat. “They don’t mutate,” Bowden stated. “They don’t become trans fats. They don’t have carcinogens. These are the fats we used at the beginning of the century when we barely had any heart disease in this country.” He also explained why people should buy red palm fruit oil from Malaysia rather than another country: “Malaysia is one of the most ecologically advanced countries … Malaysian palm fruit oil is actually very sustainable.”

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