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It's Your Health

Tropical oils proclaimed healthy during National Public Radio interview

Dr. Jonny Bowden told It’s Your Health’s national audience why he’s on a mission to get more people to use non-GMO Malaysian palm fruit oil. “Everybody’s cooking with canola oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil and all these vegetable oils,” the Rogue Nutritionist said. “It’s not that these oils are necessarily bad. It’s that […]

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Malaysian palm fruit oil

Nationally syndicated radio interview suggests replacing vegetable oils with Malaysian palm fruit oil

Knowing that many of her listeners resolved to lose weight and be healthier in the New Year, MomTalk Radio host Maria Bailey interviewed nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden about healthier cooking techniques. The Rogue Nutritionist advised listeners to move away from cooking with vegetable oils such as corn, canola, soy bean, cottonseed and safflower oils, which […]

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