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Nutrition expert tells CBS news viewers to use healthy tropical oils

use healthy tropical oils

“But the oils that we’re cooking with – these corn oils – these are processed, horrible oils that contribute to inflammation. We need to redeem the reputation of good healthy fats like eggs and butter. Inflammation is a culprit in every major degenerative disease. Every single one.”

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What’s all this fuss about palm oil?

fuss about palm oil

“Every country is different. Malaysia, for example, is one of the good guys. It produces sustainable palm oil. More than 50 percent of Malaysia’s forests are protected forever. Most of the oil palms are grown on old rubber plantations. It’s not newly cleared land. A lot of people get their geography mixed up. They think Indonesia and Malaysia are the same place.

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Information on changing dietary guidelines shared on NBC news

changing dietary guidelines

“There have been two major studies in the last four years that have shown that saturated fat has no relationship to heart disease. We have just been sold a crock of you know what,” said Bowden. “And what we’ve been doing is replacing these normal, healthy fats from real whole foods such as eggs, nuts, cheese and butter, with all of these processed carbohydrates which has made us fat, sick, tired and depressed.”

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Is palm oil good for you? Experts speak up about this Malaysian export.

palm oil good for you

We need to switch to things like olive oil, coconut oil — which is a saturated fat but very healthy for you — and my favorite these days is Malaysian palm oil. It’s red because of all the antioxidants.

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The best cooking oil for every part of you

best cooking oil

The Malaysian palm oil industry cares about its environment. It invests in wildlife conservation and the country has pledged to set aside at least 50 percent of her total land to forest cover. This lush country is one of the largest carbon sinks in the world.

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Nutritionist says some healthy fats are better than others

healthy fats

“We should substitute Malaysian palm oil which is environmentally sustainable, for some of that inflammatory omega-6 to help right the balance,” explained Bowden. “Malaysian sustainable palm oil won’t cause inflammation. It also won’t break down into toxic substances when you cook with it.” This healthy oil is also non-GMO and free of trans fats.

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ABC TV interview educates Californians about saturated fat benefits

saturated fat

Saturated fatty acids, such as those found in Malaysian palm oil, are perfectly fine to consume. Even if they do raise overall cholesterol levels, a look “under the hood” will reveal that they tend to raise HDL (“good”) cholesterol and LDLa particles (which are pretty much harmless), while they lower LDLb particles (which are atherogenic).

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Green drinks are even healthier with sustainable Malaysian palm oil

green drinks

Green drinks are a quick and popular way to increase your intake of nutrient-dense vegetables. Unfortunately, the flavor can make this healthy drink hard to swallow. Chef Gerard Viverito partnered with nutrition myth buster Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS to make a green drink with a sweet, smooth taste that is even healthier for you than […]

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Ditch the fast food! Try this easy chicken recipe made with palm oil.

palm oil

Forget drive-through meals in a bag. In less than 10 minutes, you can prepare a savory meal using Malaysian sustainable palm oil that may inspire your family to linger around the table. Chef Gerard Viverito, founder of PassionFish.org is joined in the kitchen by nutrition myth buster Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS, as he demonstrates this […]

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Dr. Jonny Bowden asks Chef Gerard Viverito to bust cooking oil myths

cooking oils

It’s time to end the confusion about cooking oils! Nutrition myth buster Dr. Jonny Bowden invited Chef Gerard Viverito to join him for an informative discussion about which cooking oils are best for cooking and nutrition. Viverito, founder of PassionFish.org, specializes in sourcing and preparing high-quality, sustainable and healthy foods. He frequently uses Malaysian sustainable […]

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