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Tag Archives | Malaysian Palm Oil Council

demand for Malaysian palm oil

Rising demand for Malaysian palm oil due to health and sustainability

Additionally, state-of-the-art research, which has mapped out the oil palm genome and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature by a joint Malaysian/US research team promises to set the trends to meet world demands in a sustainable fashion, even beyond 2030. As a result of these developments Europe now increasingly regards Malaysian palm oil […]

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MSPO sustainable certification

More Malaysian oil palm farmers to get MSPO certification

Most of the United State’s palm oil supply comes from the progressive county of Malaysia where more than 40 percent of the oil palm planted area is tended by family farmers, also called smallholders. Once they attain MSPO certification, these Malaysian smallholders will join other Malaysian sustainable palm oil producers in filling America’s demand for […]

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eliminate trans fats

How Malaysian oil will help America eliminate trans fats

Because Malaysian sustainable palm oil is such a simple substitute for partially hydrogenated oils, Sundram estimates that the United States’ short-term demand for palm oil will increase approximately 20 percent. “This is unlikely to create a major supply constrain for palm producers, especially Malaysia,” said Sundram, adding that Malaysia’s inventory could meet this demand without […]

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Malysian palm oil is preferred

Malaysian palm oil is preferred by American companies

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, and supplies its oil to companies worldwide. “About 90 percent of the palm oil that is used in the United States actually is sourced from Malaysia and nowhere else,” said Sundram, “because the American industry appreciates the quality, and the rigor of concerns and environmental practices that […]

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polyphenols, palm kernel oil

What are palm oil polyphenols?

Sustainable Malaysian palm oil is abundantly rich in molecules called polyphenols. That’s a term often associated with plant-based nutrition, but what exactly does it mean? Polyphenols are natural, plant-based chemicals that are known to have multiple health benefits. For example, the polyphenols found in sustainable Malaysian palm oil are natural antioxidants*. As noted in a […]

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Malaysian palm

Malaysian palm oil’s sustainability helps entire countries go greener

Palm oil is one of the world’s most important commodities. As populations look for the most eco-friendly choices, more attention than ever is being paid to sustainable Malaysian palm oil. Last month, Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Didier Reynders made headlines around the world when he announced that his country imposes no restrictions on Malaysian palm […]

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