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Summer cooking for kids: Why FOX viewers may change cooking oils.

Kids can gain weight three times faster during the summer than when they’re in school, in part because of unhealthy eating habits.  During an appearance on Good Day Colorado, best-selling author and nutrition expert Dr. Felicia Stoler gave Denver parents “eat this/not that” tips for feeding children healthier alternatives. The Living Skinny in Fat Genes […]

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National health TV show segment highlights why healthy oils may combat winter weight gain

When the temperature dips, you may need more vitamin-rich healthy oils, such as Malaysian red palm oil, in your diet. In a nationally syndicated Better Show segment on winter weight gain, registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler explained, “We want to get better foods in our bodies and balance out the nutrients that we have.” Stoler […]

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WGN TV Chicago 1 13 2014   Sherry Torkos Miller Blog

Nutrition-focused TV news segment puts healthy Malaysian palm fruit oil in the “eat this” column

Chicagoans wondering what foods can make meals healthier (and what foods don’t) learned from WGN 9 News’ recent interview with holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos. Starting with a healthy salad, Torkos suggested including avocado and sunflower seeds, but avoiding bacon bits and creamy dressings. While olive oil is a healthy salad dressing ingredient, Torkos cautioned viewers […]

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City TV 1.14.2014 Sherry Torkos MPOC Miller blog

Toronto TV interview teaches residents how tocotrienols help to counter winter skin damage

If you suffer from dry, itchy or sore skin during the winter, you might be surprised to learn that the tocotrienols found in Malaysian palm fruit oil can help. As holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos explained during an interview on City TV’s Breakfast Television, Toronto’s number one morning show, Malaysian palm fruit oil’s tocotrienols and beta […]

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Yes there are ways to follow the new U.S. dietary guidelines without taking all the fun out of eating

If we want to be healthier and reduce our risk for chronic diseases, the U.S. government advises that we keep closer tabs on our fat intake. According to the new 2010 U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans1, released jointly by the United States Department of Agriculture, and Health and Human Services, we should get less than […]

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