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Palm oil is a natural, semi-solid fruit fat used in various food formulations. On a global scale, it is ideal as a non-GMO replacement for trans fats. Palm oil is stable at high heats, and is prized by food processors for its great versatility. Palm oil has a naturally healthy composition. The American Heart Association’s optimum fat blend ratio is 1:1:1. This is readily achieved by using palm oil as a major product component. Products such as Smart Balance leverage this magic. Overall nutrition is enhanced through palm oil’s ability to beneficially modulate LDL/HDL cholesterol ratios.

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perfect peanut butter

How to choose the perfect peanut butter for your family

You can’t go wrong when you choose natural ingredients. Bargain peanut butter spreads contain fillers such as soy protein concentrate as well as high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated oils. Pass those up for natural or organic peanut butters which contain simpler ingredients such as non-GMO peanuts and natural, healthy oils.

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dears about Halloween Candy

Media nationwide calms parents’ fears about Halloween candy

Earlier fears about rainforest-harming ingredients in Halloween candy are no longer an issue. “Many American food manufacturers now use environmentally friendly ingredients in their recipes, such as certified sustainable palm oil from Malaysia,, a world leader in responsible, sustainable, non-GMO palm oil production. Malaysia’s strict laws prohibit any practices that harm native wildlife or the […]

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