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Dietitian recommends Malaysian red palm fruit oil for brain health during CBS radio interview

Dietitian recommends Malaysian red palm fruit oil for brain health during CBS radio interview

Registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler knows that certain foods may have brain health benefits. During her Health and Well Being Report interview, she encouraged New York radio listeners to add more foods made with Malaysian red palm fruit oil into their diets. “It’s loaded with very potent antioxidants: Tocotrienols and beta carotene,” Stoler said. “There’s [...]

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Healthy oils such as Malaysian palm fruit oil are essential to a balanced diet, according to Baltimore CBS radio interview

Stoler Today’s 101.9 FM

Your non-fat diet might not be helping you lose weight, explains registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler. Today’s 101.9 FM radio listeners learned that healthy oils, such as Malaysian palm fruit oil, and fats including avocados provide our bodies with essential nutrients. Retaining its nutritional value at high heats, Malaysian red palm fruit oil is rich [...]

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Balanced diets need healthy fats such as Malaysian palm fruit oil, dietitian tells Baltimore CBS viewers

Stoler WJZ

If you’ve ever thought “If I eat fat, I’m going to be fat,” then registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler’s recent comment to On Time viewers may surprise you: “The truth is, our bodies need fat.” The Living Skinny in Fat Genes author recommended snacking on healthy fats including seeds, nuts and avocados, and cooking with [...]

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Houston radio interview features discussion on healthy oils for your heart

Bowden 94.1 FM

Adding healthy oils, such as Malaysian red palm oil, to your diet may help protect you from heart disease and make meals tastier. “When it comes to diet, I think there’s a misconception that eating heart healthy has to be boring or bland or not enjoyable,” said holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos during a 94.1 Lite [...]

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National health TV show segment highlights why healthy oils may combat winter weight gain

Stoler Better TV

When the temperature dips, you may need more vitamin-rich healthy oils, such as Malaysian red palm oil, in your diet. In a nationally syndicated Better Show segment on winter weight gain, registered dietitian Dr. Felicia Stoler explained, “We want to get better foods in our bodies and balance out the nutrients that we have.” Stoler [...]

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Vitamin E: Canadian morning TV examines supplements that may heal winter skin

Torkos Morning Live

Ontario TV viewers recently learned how vitamin E tocotrienols extracted from Malaysian red palm fruit oil may soothe their dry, scaly and itchy winter skin. Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos stopped by the CHCH Morning Live studio to explain that frying, sautéing or even baking with this heat-stable oil may help you “get some benefits of [...]

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Nutrition-focused TV news segment puts healthy Malaysian palm fruit oil in the “eat this” column

WGN TV Chicago 1 13 2014   Sherry Torkos Miller Blog

Chicagoans wondering what foods can make meals healthier (and what foods don’t) learned from WGN 9 News’ recent interview with holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos. Starting with a healthy salad, Torkos suggested including avocado and sunflower seeds, but avoiding bacon bits and creamy dressings. While olive oil is a healthy salad dressing ingredient, Torkos cautioned viewers [...]

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Tropical oils proclaimed healthy during National Public Radio interview

It’s Your Health

Dr. Jonny Bowden told It’s Your Health’s national audience why he’s on a mission to get more people to use non-GMO Malaysian palm fruit oil. “Everybody’s cooking with canola oil, soybean oil, cottonseed oil, safflower oil and all these vegetable oils,” the Rogue Nutritionist said. “It’s not that these oils are necessarily bad. It’s that [...]

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Expert on national radio show recommends Malaysian palm fruit oil to moms

Imagine if making one change in your kitchen could improve your family’s health. Mothers across America recently learned why Dr. Felicia Stoler, registered dietitian and author of Living Skinny in Fat Genes, says that cooking oils are often overlooked for their nutritional value. During an interview on Mom Talk Radio with host Maria Bailey, Stoler [...]

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Salt Lake City TV viewers learn why their kitchens may need an oil change

Bowden Good Things Utah

Outspoken nutritionist Dr. Jonny Bowden encouraged ABC’s Good Things Utah viewers to cook with a balance of vegetable oils and Malaysian palm fruit oil. He explained that the fallacy that saturated fats cause heart disease has led people to overuse vegetable oils, including canola, corn and soybean oil. High in omega-6 fatty acids, these oils [...]

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