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Natural vitamin E comes in eight different forms. Four are called tocopherols, which are the forms typically found in the synthetic or natural vitamin E supplements. The other four are called tocotrienols, nutrients which function completely differently than tocopherols. Studies show that taking palm-derived tocotrienols daily may be an easy way to be proactive about your brain health, especially if you are at high risk for stroke. However it’s unlikely that most Americans currently get this benefit even if they take vitamin E supplements because most of those supplements available do not contain alpha tocotrienol.

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Your kids may be eating more trans fats than you think

Many manufacturers are shying away from factory-created fats, and instead choosing Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This healthy, non-GMO tropical oil delivers the same texture and shelf-life qualities of partially hydrogenated oils, yet is naturally trans fat-free. It’s also a rich source of vitamin E. The source of palm oil matters. In the United States, many […]

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