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Dr. Chandan Sen answers questions about protecting your brain from stroke damage in the Orlando Sentinel

Researchers have previously observed that supplementing your diet with a natural form of vitamin E called alpha tocotrienol may help protect your brain’s sensitive nerve cells, possibly limiting the damage caused by a stroke and helping to accelerate recovery of functional loss.  Now Prof. Chandan Sen, one of the nation’s leading experts on vitamin E, […]

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Why is Malaysian Palm Oil so healthy, and why do we need its vitamin E tocotrienols?

Discover why Malaysian Palm oil is so healthy. Vitamin E tocotrienols, found abundantly in healthy Malaysian Palm Oil, may be effective at minimizing stroke damage. These video interviews with Dr. Chandan Sen, one of the nation’s leading experts in vitamin E research, are incredibly informative! “This is an exciting time in tocotrienol research,” says Prof. Sen, […]

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Worried about suffering the effects of a stroke? A natural form of vitamin E may help to protect your brain against neurological damage

The American Heart Association estimates that 795,000 Americans will suffer from a new or recurring stroke this year, of whom 137,000 will die. The cost of stroke-related care and disability in the United States is expected to reach $73.3 billion dollars for 2010. The good news is that an estimated 80 percent of strokes are […]

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