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liver disease

Tocotrienols may help diseased livers recover

We all know that significant alcohol consumption can lead to liver damage, but you might be surprised to learn that Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) is a very common condition, affecting about a quarter of the North American population. Its pathogenesis isn’t fully understood, but new research presented during Palm Oil Nutrition Week by Dr […]

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Saving Women's Hearts

Saving Women’s Hearts with Healthy Oil

Pharmacist Sherry Torkos, co-author of Saving Women’s Hearts, was in the Washington, DC area recently and stopped by the WLS studios to chat with news anchors about women’s heart health. She explained that Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, the ‘secret ingredient’ in Nutella and some Smart Balance products, may be good for your blood vessels. Research […]

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heart health myths

Author/pharmacist Sherry Torkos exposes heart health myths on KCAL-TV Los Angeles

Sherry Torkos, co-author of Saving Women’s Hearts, wants women to start paying attention to heart health myths. She treated Los Angeles viewers to a myth-busting session on KCAL-TV, including a discussion about healthy oil. A big reveal was that palm fruit oil is not a heart-sabotaging oil. Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil has almost no impact […]

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beyond olive oil

Sherry Torkos introduces Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil to Sacramento viewers seeking a healthful option beyond olive oil

Sherry Torkos appeared on KXTV’s Sacramento & Co. to discuss the benefits of a healthy oil such as Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil and even hinted at ways it may offer advantages beyond olive oil . Sherry explained that: The vibrant red-orange color isn’t the result of artificial coloring. Like carrots, palm fruits are an abundant source […]

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other tropical oils

Sherry Torkos tells KDVR audiences the difference between Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil and other tropical oils

Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos tells Fox News Denver (KDVR-TV) audiences the differences between Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, a healthy oil, and other tropical oils, explaining that the palm fruit oil benefits your heart and may help protect you if you have a stroke. You’ll also learn which everyday foods – including some that may already be […]

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