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truth about palm oil

The truth about palm oil: Malaysia’s sustainable gift to the world

Responsibly cultivated palm oil is more environmentally beneficial than any other oil crop. Malaysia is a world model for sustainable palm oil production. It all began in earnest when Malaysia’s government encouraged cultivation of this healthy oil to reduce the country’s economic dependence on other less reliable or efficient crops, such as rubber, cocoa and […]

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top chef

Top 10 health and wellness benefits of Malaysian red palm oil

What defines a “super food”? Nutritionists and health professionals get particularly excited about plant-based foods that confer a wide range of potential health benefits. Malaysian red palm oil clearly falls into this category, so we decided to compile our own “top 10” list of its health and wellness benefits. Malaysian red palm oil is available […]

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red palm oil

What’s so special about red palm oil?

Red palm oil (RPO) is the only commercially-available oil that contains substantial amounts of the natural plant pigments called “carotenoids” (about 550 µg/g), as well as vitamin E (600 µg/g) comprising both tocotrienols (65%) and alpha-tocopherol (35%). Some of the carotenoids in RPO are converted to vitamin A in our body; the the rest of […]

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palm fruit oil

What makes palm fruit oil so good?

Healthy palm fruit oil contains almost equal amounts of unsaturated fats and saturated fats, (mainly palmitic and smaller amounts of stearic acids). As a result of its unique balanced composition, palm oil has almost no impact on your cholesterol as long as your total dietary fat intake is in line with the levels recommended by […]

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