Debunking Palm Oil Myths

Why do some people still think they should avoid palm oil?

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Nutrition Mythbuster, Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, disproves 5 common myths that people have about palm oil and why they won’t use it.

Malaysia: Technology can further boost sustainability practices

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Malaysia has identified satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) as promising tools for boosting sustainability.

Carrot bread made with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil

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Sneak more vegetables into your diet with this delicious carrot bread recipe made with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil!

Three indulgent keto-friendly products made with sustainable palm oil

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We challenged ourselves to find indulgent, keto-friendly products made with sustainable palm oil that will satisfy your cravings!

Imagine sharing your workspace with a herd of 10,000-pound elephants

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Malaysian oil palm farmers are opening special corridors on their plantations to enable elephants to travel freely across their properties.

Malaysian farmers are teaching the world about food security

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Malaysia’s small family farmers and their dedication to finding solutions that feed their families provide valuable lessons in food security. 

trendy thanksgiving

Ten tips for a trendy Thanksgiving


Update your Turkey day by making a few easy swaps, such as substituting natural Malaysian sustainable palm oil for your current vegetable oil. A trendy Thanksgiving isn’t …

What’s palm oil doing in your cosmetics?

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Palm oil has many cosmetic benefits but certified sustainable palm oil benefits your beauty routine and the planet. 

Malaysia’s small family farmers make global contributions

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A large percentage of Malaysia’s oil palm plantations are run and managed by small family farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices.

Is plant-based living good for the environment?

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While it may seem like the most environmentally friendly choice, a plant-based lifestyle isn’t always good for the environment.

clean label trend

Scientists speak out on the clean label trend

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There’s little doubt that millennials are driving the call for clean label. Even though they may be concerned for improving public health, they may be taking the wrong pa …

dog eating snack

November 1 is National Cook for Your Pets Day

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It’s National Cook for Your Pets day! What better way to show our gratitude than to make them a special treat!