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Malaysians want the world to know that, “Palm oil is God’s Gift.” Introduced by Malaysian Deputy Minister.

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In this era of trendy ingredients and so-called superfoods, Peter Pressman MD, MS, FACN, is determined to routinely analyze the research. He wants to understand which nat …

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An exclusive interview with (MPOC) CEO Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram ranked among top 10 most-read Asia-Pacific food & beverage industry stories in August 2020.

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A guest on Chicago’s Weekend Journal radio show gave Malaysian sustainable palm oil a good plug.

Palm oil cookie recipe is this mom’s secret to healthier school lunches

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Feeding her kids nutritious snacks and meals is a priority for international blogger Viv Jones. “It’s definitely easier to grab something convenient, but I try my best to …

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While some environmental activists may consider palm oil to be bad for the environment, those familiar with the issues say it is the opposite. 

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Clemens notes that while 3-MCPD was found to be carcinogenic to small animals, no direct human toxicology data are available.

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Because Malaysian palm oil is non-GMO, nutritious, versatile as well as naturally trans fat-free it’s a smart choice for those wanting a wholesome oil.

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The European Union’s new Farm-to-Fork Strategy may negatively impact food producers throughout the world. F2F is positioned as a sustainable strategy.

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Supplementation with palm-derived tocotrienol significantly reduced the incidence of aspirin resistance in patients taking aspirin and the antiplatelet medication clopido …

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During this pandemic, many people are loading up on comfort foods, which are typically loaded with carbs. In this “Taste for Life” article, Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bo …

Malaysian palm oil’s worldwide significance

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Palm oil is extremely important to Malaysia’s economy. Each year, Malaysia produces almost 20 million tons of palm oil, valued at approximately 72 billion Malaysian ringg …