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While palm oil is already one of the most environmentally friendly vegetable oils on earth, many global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and Unilever are committed …

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Get expert insights about the palm oil market in 2021, and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry at the free POINTERS virtual palm oil seminar.

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council gathered expert panelists to participate in a webinar about contaminants formed during edible oil processing.

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Around the globe, major corporations are taking the necessary steps to ensure they are sourcing only responsibly produced palm oil.

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The Malaysian palm oil industry is making tremendous progress toward 100% palm oil sustainability.

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Malaysian palm oil is essential to food security. This is more important than ever as the United Nations warns that the COVID-19 pandemic could almost double the number o …

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Also at Expo West, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council will introduce Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil Certification (MSPO) to attendees. MSPO certification is a sustainability …

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American Public Television has launched a 13-episode series, Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan. The chef extraordinaire and popular television host will take viewers on a …

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This year marks the 100th celebration of Malaysia’s first commercial oil palm planting. The golden oil has played a major role in the country’s history, helping it become …

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For MPOC, these World Palm Portraits capture more than what can be put into words. Each picture represents a different aspect of palm oil production, and together they fo …

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Palm oil cultivation is smart land use. A single acre of oil palm produces 11 times more oil than soybeans, and 10 times more than sunflower.

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Awareness of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is growing in part due to consumers’ growing interest in non-GMO and sustainably produced foods.