trendy thanksgiving

Ten tips for a trendy Thanksgiving


Update your Turkey day by making a few easy swaps, such as substituting natural Malaysian sustainable palm oil for your current vegetable oil. A trendy Thanksgiving isn’t …

clean label trend

Scientists speak out on the clean label trend

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There’s little doubt that millennials are driving the call for clean label. Even though they may be concerned for improving public health, they may be taking the wrong pa …

Mars, Cadbury among latest to renew commitment to sustainable palm oil

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International awareness of the need to support sustainable palm oil production is strong within the candy industry.

clean label trend

10 reasons palm oil is valued by the food industry

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Palm oil’s versatility and diversity make it a top choice for food manufacturers. Palm oil has a long shelf life, and is naturally non-GMO and trans-fat free. Here are mo …

Yes, Malaysian palm fruit oil is non-GMO


Malaysian palm fruit oil is non-GMO. Conventional processed food may contain up to 80 percent GMOs in the United States.

influencer palm oil posts

Influencers baked and grilled with palm oil. Here’s what happened.

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We are looking for influencers who want to tell their audiences about the health &environmental benefits of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

Malaysian palm oil industry fights back against EU challenges

Palm Fruit Extract: Something new-tricious coming soon!

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Coming soon: An exciting new premium, sustainable palm oil ingredient called Palm Fruit Extract that supports your mood, your heart and your immune system.

top your new year's resolution list

Why should Malaysian palm fruit oil top your New Year’s Resolution list?

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This may be the first time that healthy cooking oil appears on many people’s New Year’s resolution lists. The more we learn about how fats behave in our bodies, the more …

Halloween candy and palm oil

What eco-savvy moms need to know about Halloween candy and palm oil

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Thankfully, American companies are increasingly using environmentally friendly ingredients such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil in their products.

Unfair bias: Malaysian leader asks tough questions about less sustainable oils

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More than 85% of Malaysian palm oil plantations are now MSPO certified as meeting stringent sustainability standards.

cooking healthy fall meals

Surprisingly healthy twist to fall comfort foods


A guest on Chicago’s Weekend Journal radio show gave Malaysian sustainable palm oil a good plug.

contaminants in edible oils

What you need to know about contaminants in edible oils

General, Health & Nutrition

Clemens notes that while 3-MCPD was found to be carcinogenic to small animals, no direct human toxicology data are available.