Why responsibly produced foods often have Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil

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When something is as widely used as palm oil, you want to make sure it’s sustainably produced! And palm oil is everywhere! It’s found in everything from chocolate and ice …

palm oil certification standards

What you need to know about palm oil certification standards

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These stringent standards will soon become mandatory in Malaysia. That’s good news because more than half of the palm oil imported into the U.S is from this eco-focused c …

Malaysian kids learn to make better food choices

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Recently 100 Malaysian children and their parents got help from the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), which sponsored a baking demonstration and cooking workshop. While …

Spalm oil in U.S. food manufacturing

Session focuses on benefits of using palm oil in U.S. food manufacturing

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A presentation at the 2018 Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar in Kuala Lumpur highlights the nutritional and stability benefits U.S. food manufacturers gain when using palm …

clean label trend

Scientists speak out on the clean label trend

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There’s little doubt that millennials are driving the call for clean label. Even though they may be concerned for improving public health, they may be taking the wrong pa …

Malaysian palm oil industry fights back against EU challenges

Malaysian palm oil industry fights back against EU challenges

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The Malaysian palm oil industry has said, and continues to demonstrate, that it stands strongly for planet and people.

EU Action Plan is unfair

Malaysian Palm Oil Council says EU Action Plan is unfair

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has come out against the EU’s proposed unilateral Action Plan against deforestation, charging that is impractical to implement unilateral g …

Boston conference focuses on palm phytonutrients

Boston conference focuses on palm phytonutrients and chronic diseases

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Over the past eight years, the International Conference on Palm Phytonutrients and Chronic Diseases has provided a good platform for researchers and the industry to share …

clean eating

Here are five simple tips to green up your grocery shopping

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Look for palm oil on the label. Ninety percent of our palm oil comes from Malaysia, where it is sustainably grown and harvested.

palm oil story

Stakeholders agree that Malaysia’s palm oil story needs to be shared

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During the 2016 Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar, Lieven De Wader, a representative of Puratos, answered questions about Malaysian palm oil. We agree with this internation …

confusion about palm oil

Consumers’ confusion about palm oil dominates international session

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American consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of saturated fat consumption, as evidenced by the decrease in consumers who categorize coconut oil and lard as “b …

remove trans fats from your diet now

Don’t wait another two years! Remove trans fats from your diet now.

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In 2006, when the FDA required food manufacturers to list the amount of trans fats on nutrition labels, they also allowed manufacturers to label a food as trans fat-free …