EU Action Plan is unfair

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has come out against the EU’s proposed unilateral Action Plan against deforestation, charging that is impractical to implement unilateral g …

contaminants in edible oils

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Clemens notes that while 3-MCPD was found to be carcinogenic to small animals, no direct human toxicology data are available.

Boston conference focuses on palm phytonutrients

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Over the past eight years, the International Conference on Palm Phytonutrients and Chronic Diseases has provided a good platform for researchers and the industry to share …

clean eating

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Look for palm oil on the label. Ninety percent of our palm oil comes from Malaysia, where it is sustainably grown and harvested.

palm oil story

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During the 2016 Palm Oil Trade Fair and Seminar, Lieven De Wader, a representative of Puratos, answered questions about Malaysian palm oil. We agree with this internation …

confusion about palm oil

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American consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of saturated fat consumption, as evidenced by the decrease in consumers who categorize coconut oil and lard as “b …

remove trans fats from your diet now

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In 2006, when the FDA required food manufacturers to list the amount of trans fats on nutrition labels, they also allowed manufacturers to label a food as trans fat-free …

cooking healthy fall meals


MEDIA BUZZ: A guest on Chicago’s Weekend Journal radio show gave Malaysian sustainable palm oil a good plug. Holistic pharmacist Sherry Torkos gave host Lisa Kosty and he …

balanced diet

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Improving your diet starts with choosing foods that do not contain trans fats. “Palm oil can be considered a healthier alternative to trans fats with its perfect balance …

next-generation grocery shopper

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Take a look around your food store aisles. Today’s grocery buyer isn’t much like yesterday’s bargain hunter. The next-generation grocery shopper is comfortable paying mor …

why palm oil is in foods


If you’re a label reader, you may be seeing more palm oil in your favorite food products. In the United States, most of the palm oil comes from Malaysia. There are many r …

perfect peanut butter

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You may recall from childhood which peanut butter your choosy mom selected, but what toast topper do you pick for your family? From natural peanut butters to the classic …