confusion about palm oil

Consumers’ confusion about palm oil dominates international session

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American consumers are beginning to realize the benefits of saturated fat consumption, as evidenced by the decrease in consumers who categorize coconut oil and lard as “b …

remove trans fats from your diet now

Don’t wait another two years! Remove trans fats from your diet now.

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In 2006, when the FDA required food manufacturers to list the amount of trans fats on nutrition labels, they also allowed manufacturers to label a food as trans fat-free …

balanced diet

How Malaysian sustainable palm oil helps build a balanced diet

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Improving your diet starts with choosing foods that do not contain trans fats. “Palm oil can be considered a healthier alternative to trans fats with its perfect balance …

next-generation grocery shopper

12 characteristics of the next-generation grocery shopper

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Take a look around your food store aisles. Today’s grocery buyer isn’t much like yesterday’s bargain hunter. The next-generation grocery shopper is comfortable paying mor …

why palm oil is in foods

Ingredient watch: Eight feel-good reasons why palm oil is in foods


If you’re a label reader, you may be seeing more palm oil in your favorite food products. In the United States, most of the palm oil comes from Malaysia. There are many r …

perfect peanut butter

How to choose the perfect peanut butter for your family

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You may recall from childhood which peanut butter your choosy mom selected, but what toast topper do you pick for your family? From natural peanut butters to the classic …

green shoppers

Green shoppers are speaking with their dollars: Are you listening?

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EcoFocus Worldwide reports that grocery shoppers are becoming increasingly concerned about the ingredients in their favorite foods. Nearly half of shoppers have avoided p …

eco-friendly Malaysia

Eco-friendly Malaysia may be turning our Halloween green


Many of the largest candy and snack manufacturers, such as Hershey’s, Nestle and Mars, are committed to using 100 percent sustainable palm oil. Approximately 80 percent o …

demand for Malaysian palm oil

Rising demand for Malaysian palm oil due to health and sustainability

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Additionally, state-of-the-art research, which has mapped out the oil palm genome and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature by a joint Malaysian/US resear …

trans fat ban

Despite the trans fat ban, this awful fat may stay in your kids’ lunch

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Many American companies have found that Malaysian sustainable palm oil can also provide these qualities, and without the health risks.

MSPO sustainable certification

More Malaysian oil palm farmers to get MSPO certification

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Most of the United State’s palm oil supply comes from the progressive county of Malaysia where more than 40 percent of the oil palm planted area is tended by family farme …

eating more

Your kids may be eating more trans fats than you think

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Many manufacturers are shying away from factory-created fats, and instead choosing Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This healthy, non-GMO tropical oil delivers the same te …