Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a versatile oil which has been used for hundreds of years. Non­GMO, naturally trans-­fat free and shelf­-stable, palm oil is the cooking oil of choice for many people worldwide, and an essential ingredient in countless prepared foods. This vitamin­-packed fruit oil is also a vital component in numerous health and beauty products.

Palm oil is produced by crushing the fresh fruit berries which grow on green, leafy oil palm trees. In Malaysia, these trees are grown exclusively on legal agricultural lands using environmentally friendly practices. Palm oil is the most efficiently produced fruit oil in the world.

Discover more about this healthy and sustainable oil in the posts below.

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demand for Malaysian palm oil

Rising demand for Malaysian palm oil due to health and sustainability

Additionally, state-of-the-art research, which has mapped out the oil palm genome and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature by a joint Malaysian/US research team promises to set the trends to meet world demands in a sustainable fashion, even beyond 2030. As a result of these developments Europe now increasingly regards Malaysian palm oil […]

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MSPO sustainable certification

More Malaysian oil palm farmers to get MSPO certification

Most of the United State’s palm oil supply comes from the progressive county of Malaysia where more than 40 percent of the oil palm planted area is tended by family farmers, also called smallholders. Once they attain MSPO certification, these Malaysian smallholders will join other Malaysian sustainable palm oil producers in filling America’s demand for […]

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eating more

Your kids may be eating more trans fats than you think

Many manufacturers are shying away from factory-created fats, and instead choosing Malaysian sustainable palm oil. This healthy, non-GMO tropical oil delivers the same texture and shelf-life qualities of partially hydrogenated oils, yet is naturally trans fat-free. It’s also a rich source of vitamin E. The source of palm oil matters. In the United States, many […]

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