no palm oil

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If consumer demand for these other oils increases, could deforestation to make room for more agricultural land be far behind?

fuss about palm oil

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“Every country is different. Malaysia, for example, is one of the good guys. It produces sustainable palm oil. More than 50 percent of Malaysia’s forests are protected fo …

oil palm plantations

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Richard Ashworth, a European Parliament member from the United Kingdom, said, “Without a doubt, the Malaysian government has done extraordinary work, lifting tens of thou …

saturated fat

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From butter to lard, bacon to beef, fat made the news in 2014. Healthcare professionals around the globe chimed in with their opinions on the groundbreaking saturated fat …

Sustainable Malaysian palm oil

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Recycling of pruned fronds is also common in oil palm fields; returning the nutrients back to the trees while minimizing the use of chemical fertilizers. Sustainable Mala …

sustainable palm oil

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It’s no secret that palm oil, often termed “the golden crop”, is one of the primary contributors to economic development in Malaysia. The Malaysian palm oil industry is b …

Malaysian sustainable palm oil

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Here are a few facts and figures that you might not know about healthy Malaysian sustainable palm oil, which is a key global player in the oils and fats market. Palm oil …

good for the planet

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Responsibly produced palm oil is gaining sales traction worldwide, with Malaysian palm oil maintaining its industry leadership. Major palm oil buyers are choosing Malaysi …

earth day quiz

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Here’s another reason why food manufacturers are more likely to use Malaysian red palm oil in the future: One in two Americans usually shop with the environment in mind. …

Brain Health


Doctors consider mini-strokes, also called Transient Ischemic Attacks (TIAs) to be warning signs. An ischemic stroke happens when a clot in a vessel stops blood flow to t …


Malaysian red palm oil does more than support our health. It has also been used for more than 5000 years to enhance natural beauty. That’s good to know, especially this t …


How are you taking care of your heart this Valentine’s Day? One easy way is cook with Malaysian red palm oil and choose healthy consumer products that contain Malaysian p …

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