Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a versatile oil which has been used for hundreds of years. Non­GMO, naturally trans-­fat free and shelf­-stable, palm oil is the cooking oil of choice for many people worldwide, and an essential ingredient in countless prepared foods. This vitamin­-packed fruit oil is also a vital component in numerous health and beauty products.

Palm oil is produced by crushing the fresh fruit berries which grow on green, leafy oil palm trees. In Malaysia, these trees are grown exclusively on legal agricultural lands using environmentally friendly practices. Palm oil is the most efficiently produced fruit oil in the world.

Discover more about this healthy and sustainable oil in the posts below.

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fuss about palm oil

What’s all this fuss about palm oil?

“Every country is different. Malaysia, for example, is one of the good guys. It produces sustainable palm oil. More than 50 percent of Malaysia’s forests are protected forever. Most of the oil palms are grown on old rubber plantations. It’s not newly cleared land. A lot of people get their geography mixed up. They think […]

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Sustainable Malaysian palm oil

Your questions about sustainable Malaysian palm oil answered

Sustainable Malaysian palm oil is an ingredient in many prepared foods, and is increasingly considered one of the world’s healthiest cooking oils. Here are answers to three top questions about sustainable Malaysian palm oil. Q. Will palm oil consumption raise my blood cholesterol level? No. A re-examination of the data of some early published Western […]

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sustainable palm oil

Sustainable palm oil is driving responsible progress in Malaysia

It’s no secret that palm oil, often termed “the golden crop”, is one of the primary contributors to economic development in Malaysia. The Malaysian palm oil industry is backed by more than 90 years of responsible plantation practices on legally approved agricultural land in accordance with legislations in the country. The Malaysian palm oil industry […]

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good for the planet

Palm oil that’s good for you and good for the planet

Responsibly produced palm oil is gaining sales traction worldwide, with Malaysian palm oil maintaining its industry leadership. Major palm oil buyers are choosing Malaysian palm oil because it’s good for the planet as well as good nutritionally. The Malaysian palm oil industry adheres to the three Ps of sustainability: people, planet and profit. In fact, […]

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earth day quiz

Consumer demand for responsibly sourced red palm oil expected to increase

Here’s another reason why food manufacturers are more likely to use Malaysian red palm oil in the future: One in two Americans usually shop with the environment in mind. This is according to research conducted by Linda Gilbert, founder and chief executive officer of EcoFocus Worldwide, experts on green and sustainability consumer trends. After surveying […]

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