Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a versatile oil which has been used for hundreds of years. Non­GMO, naturally trans-­fat free and shelf­-stable, palm oil is the cooking oil of choice for many people worldwide, and an essential ingredient in countless prepared foods. This vitamin­-packed fruit oil is also a vital component in numerous health and beauty products.

Palm oil is produced by crushing the fresh fruit berries which grow on green, leafy oil palm trees. In Malaysia, these trees are grown exclusively on legal agricultural lands using environmentally friendly practices. Palm oil is the most efficiently produced fruit oil in the world.

Discover more about this healthy and sustainable oil in the posts below.

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Palm Fruit Oil

Can the tocotrienols in healthy palm fruit oil extend your life?

Health researcher and author John Phillip examined the research, and reveals the compelling evidence that vitamin E tocotrienols may provide several health-promoting benefits for your liver, brain and other organs. One of the richest sources for vitamin E tocotrienols is Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, a versatile and non-cholesterol raising oil that can be used in […]

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vitamin e tocopherols

Live Strong article explains protective differences between Vitamin E tocopherols and tocotrienols

In this article Tocopherol vs. Tocotrienol, which appears on author Charis Grey does a nice job of explaining the different health benefits of vitamin E tocopherols vs. vitamin E tocotrienols. The author explains that there are even different food sources for each form, but has forgotten to include Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil, which is […]

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Healthy Malaysian palm fruit oil

Healthy Malaysian palm fruit oil part of sustainable, global meal on Good Things Utah cooking segment

We’re so happy Chef Gerard Viverito included healthy Malaysian palm fruit oil  in his sustainable, global meal! We’re proud to say Malaysian palm fruit oil is sustainably harvested. This oil also perked up the other ingredients in Chef Viverito’s recipe to make a truly delicious meal. The wahoo (fish) was marinated in Malaysian palm fruit […]

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