Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a versatile oil which has been used for hundreds of years. Non­GMO, naturally trans-­fat free and shelf­-stable, palm oil is the cooking oil of choice for many people worldwide, and an essential ingredient in countless prepared foods. This vitamin­-packed fruit oil is also a vital component in numerous health and beauty products.

Palm oil is produced by crushing the fresh fruit berries which grow on green, leafy oil palm trees. In Malaysia, these trees are grown exclusively on legal agricultural lands using environmentally friendly practices. Palm oil is the most efficiently produced fruit oil in the world.

Discover more about this healthy and sustainable oil in the posts below.

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healthy malaysian palm fruit oil

Chef Gerard Viverito shares healthy Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil with viewers nationwide

From Baltimore to San Diego Chef Gerard Viverito showcased local, sustainable scallops – and amplified his recipe with a Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil-based Romesco sauce. Healthy Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil can boost a meal’s flavor, appearance and nutrition. Chef Viverito used the oil as a marinade for the scallops so they would sear quickly and lend […]

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chef gerard

Meet Chef Gerard

Get to know Chef Gerard and check out the recipes he has created using palm fruit oil, a healthy oil used for cooking that won’t raise your cholesterol! What is Sustainability? Sustainable agriculture is a way of raising food that is healthy for consumers and animals, does not harm the environment, is humane for workers, […]

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