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feel like a stuffed bird

Readers discover how not to feel like a stuffed bird this holiday

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How do you spend the evening after a big holiday meal? All-day candy munching along with extra gravy on your mashed potatoes may force you to end the day on the couch, st …

top chef

This top chef suggests you think about sustainability

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Today’s diners often have higher standards, especially when it comes to the environment. A land-consuming main course with a side of genetically modified vegetable isn’t …

palm oil in fast food

Fox viewers nationwide hear the good news about palm oil in fast food

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Malaysian sustainable palm oil is a natural substitute for partially hydrogenated oils, our primary source of trans fats. More than 80 percent of all palm oil imported in …

hair-growth supplments

Health mag reports that men are using tocotrienols to boost hair growth

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In an Alternative Medicine magazine article, “The Nutrition Myth Buster” reported that major companies are launching hair-growth supplements made from tocotrienols, poten …

Yoga Journal talks palm oil

Yoga Journal talks palm oil and eco-friendly Halloween treats

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This year, more news organizations than ever included Malaysian sustainable palm oil in articles encouraging “eek-o responsible” Halloween celebrations.

Blogger gives moms tips for an eco-friendly Halloween

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Popular TV contributor and healthy lifestyle blogger Carolina King was invited to write a guest blog for Made to share, made to care. Focusing on Halloween, King educated …

Unfair bias: Malaysian leader asks tough questions about less sustainable oils

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More than 85% of Malaysian palm oil plantations are now MSPO certified as meeting stringent sustainability standards.

issues in the palm oil industry

Article describes Malaysia’s blockchain technology app for its sustainable palm oil

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Certified sustainable and infinitely versatile, Malaysian palm oil is a key ingredient in America’s food supply. Now the Malaysian Palm Oil Council has taken steps to mak …

Choose minimally processed foods for a healthier heart

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Experts are beginning to accept that saturated fat and cholesterol do not contribute to heart disease.

Malaysian palm oil exec presents roadmap for palm oil sustainability

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The Malaysian palm oil industry is making tremendous progress toward 100% palm oil sustainability.

Documentary reveals that low-fat diets were never based on science

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Here are two things you may not know: 1) Saturated fats do not cause heart disease; and 2) low-fat diets were never based on science.

Malaysia launches ‘Palm oil is God’s gift’ slogan

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Malaysians want the world to know that, “Palm oil is God’s Gift.” Introduced by Malaysian Deputy Minister.