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Malaysia: Technology can further boost sustainability practices

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Malaysia has identified satellite imagery and artificial intelligence (AI) as promising tools for boosting sustainability.

Malaysian farmers are teaching the world about food security

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Malaysia’s small family farmers and their dedication to finding solutions that feed their families provide valuable lessons in food security. 

Malaysia’s small family farmers make global contributions

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A large percentage of Malaysia’s oil palm plantations are run and managed by small family farmers who use sustainable agricultural practices.

Is plant-based living good for the environment?

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While it may seem like the most environmentally friendly choice, a plant-based lifestyle isn’t always good for the environment.

The term “plant-based” might not mean what you think

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The term “plant-based” is often used to promote healthy foods, but is a plant-based diet inherently better for you and the environment?

Snack food prototype is Powered by Palm

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Phenolaeis is turning heads in the natural food products industry with its functional chewy granola snack prototype powered by palm.

Top Turkish palm oil importer wants humans to stop harming the ecosystem

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Turkey’s largest palm oil importer, discusses why their company places so much value on importing only sustainable palm oil. 

Health pro speaks out on misleading heart health article

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@palmoilhealth##palmoil ##JonnyBowden ##hearthealth ##nutrition ##fyp ##heartdisease♬ original sound palmoilhealth There are three things any careful reader should take n …

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Palm oil might put you in a better mood

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Some foods may help us destress. Others may help us feel more alert and present. Appearing on CBS-TV in Washington, DC, psychonutritionist Shawn Talbott, Ph.D., whose new …

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Sustainability expected to become a driving force in Asia

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Malaysian officials anticipate that Asian countries, much like their western counterparts, will place an increasingly stronger emphasis on sustainability.

Malaysia recommits to broadening its global sustainable palm oil exports

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Now Malaysia’s new palm oil industry leadership is going public about its plans to expand the use of certified sustainable palm oil around the world.

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Fats that keep skin healthy from the inside

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To keep your trillions of skin cells healthy, functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde recommends nurturing them from the inside.