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issues in the palm oil industry

Article describes Malaysia’s blockchain technology app for its sustainable palm oil

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Certified sustainable and infinitely versatile, Malaysian palm oil is a key ingredient in America’s food supply. Now the Malaysian Palm Oil Council has taken steps to mak …

Nutritionist tells journalist why he’s always been skeptical about low-fat diets

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Appearing on journalist Deirdre Fitzpatrick’s Dying to Ask Podcast, Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bowden, CNS, PhD, recalls having clients whose cardiovascular risk markers …

keto-friendly chicken nuggets

Chef demos palm oil-prepared chicken nuggets for CBS TV audience

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Appearing on CBS affiliate KTVK-TV in Phoenix, sustainable chef Gerard Viverito demonstrated how to make keto-friendly chicken nuggets using Malaysian certified sustainab …

Malaysian palm oil’s worldwide significance

Article educates readers on Malaysian palm oil’s worldwide significance

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Palm oil is extremely important to Malaysia’s economy. Each year, Malaysia produces almost 20 million tons of palm oil, valued at approximately 72 billion Malaysian ringg …

hair-growth supplments

Health mag reports that men are using tocotrienols to boost hair growth

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In an Alternative Medicine magazine article, “The Nutrition Myth Buster” reported that major companies are launching hair-growth supplements made from tocotrienols, poten …

Malaysian study helps readers start new decade with healthier habits

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Readers of the lifestyle magazine, The Eden, now have strong evidence that palm oil should be part of their heart-healthy diets.

ABC viewers learn why palm oil for keto diets must come from Malaysia

ABC viewers learn why palm oil for keto diets must come from Malaysia

Health & Nutrition, In The News

A nutrition expert explains to ABC viewers why adding more healthy fat to your diet will help burn off your fat reserves. And one easy way to get more healthy fats in, an …

Thoughtful practices help the Malaysian palm oil industry thrive

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The Malaysian palm oil industry plays a crucial part in the global oil and fats industry. This modern nation is the world’s second largest producer of palm oil. Its 14.5 …

World’s palm oil producing countries meet to discuss MCPD and GE mitigation

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For the last few years, food industry technologists, chemists, regulatory agencies and others have discussed the health implications of potentially toxic 3-MCPD esters an …

Winter health TV segment includes mention of Malaysian palm oil

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Bowden stressed the importance of consuming healthy fats. “There are so many good things in fats that we need,” he explained, adding that Malaysian palm oil contains toco …

List of top winter superfoods includes Malaysian palm oil

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Fats can help you avoid overeating. “Fat is the most satiating nutrient of all,’ Bowden explained. “When you have a high-fat, high-protein breakfast, you are not hungry a …

Nutella’s maker praised for using sustainable palm oil

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Ferrero, the maker of the internally beloved chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, has been recognized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), formerly known as World Wildl …

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