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read a candy label

How to read a candy label: Palm oil, beet dye among healthier choices

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While moderation is still recommended, some candy manufacturers are trying to do the right thing by making gluten-free choices, using eco-friendly ingredients and insisti …

California moms discover dietary fat doesn’t cause heart disease

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Journalist Shirin Danielpour Yadegar created LA Mom Magazine, an online community, to  empower moms in the decisions they make for their families, including their health. …

Keto over 50 - Article

Quoting study, Women’s World article reassures women about dietary fat

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Women’s World magazine drew readers’ attention to the published study in Scientific Reports that found eating fat had little to no impact on heart health. Instead, a high …

Sacramento TV viewers learned to resist unhealthy food cravings with palm oil

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At the height of the holiday season, Sacramento TV audiences learned a good lesson: It’s easier to resist all the sugary stuff if you’re not as hungry for it. That advice …

Dr. Lisa includes Malaysian palm oil in her functional cooking advice

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Pharmacist turned holistic food and healthy living expert Lisa Leslie-Williams recently introduced her readers to the functional cooking concept. “That simply means impro …

technology is helping palm oil industry

Journal explains how new technology is helping the palm oil industry

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On oil palm plantations, some trees are top producers and others under-perform. But because the trees mature slowly, growers typically can’t tell the difference until thr …

Mommy blogger tells Nashville TV audience we need palm oil in our diets

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Popular mommy blogger and podcaster Carolina King told a Nashville TV audience that we need fats such as palm oil in our diets to stay healthy. Appearing on CBS’s Talk of …

What 70,0000 Alternative Medicine readers learn from study may affect their holiday meals

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Readers of the Alternative Medicine discovered why they might want to avoid a carb-heavy diet this season and put some fats on their holiday menu. After giving highlights …

why palm oil is a superfood

Sirius Satellite radio interview cites study to help listeners adjust holiday eating

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Heart attacks are more common in the winter. And, as this Sirius Satellite radio host pointed out, a new study found that a high-carb diet may be worse for your heart tha …

Dr Peter Pressman

Distinguished scientist aggressively debunks inaccurate Hindu BusinessLine article

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After reading a Hindu BusinessLine article blasting palm oil and riddled with myths, Peter Pressman, MD, MS, FACN authored an in-depth rebuttal to set the record straight …

plant-based diet

Healthy lifestyle publication spotlights Malaysian diet and population study

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When Lake Oconoee Health editors read about the Malaysian diet and population study, they made the easy decision to print details about it for their readers. The digital …

natural baking pantry

Newsmax Health article references Malaysian diet and population study

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Holiday weight gain is no myth and it can take up to five months to lose, according to Real Simple. Researchers at Cornell University found that folks start piling on the …

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