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Guest article educates readers on Malaysian palm oil’s land use

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“Genetically modified crops such as corn, soy and canola require as much as 10 times more land than palm oil. As our world population increases, the edible oil demand cou …

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How to save a Bornean pygmy elephant

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Choosing products made with sustainable palm oil helps to fund wildlife conservation efforts in Malaysia’s rainforests.

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Palm oil adds the ‘crisp’ to air frying

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360 Magazine, a publication celebrating current trends, advises readers to brush their protein with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil before air frying.

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This top chef suggests you think about sustainability

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Today’s diners often have higher standards, especially when it comes to the environment. A land-consuming main course with a side of genetically modified vegetable isn’t …

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Stay informed: Access the POINTERS palm oil internet seminar

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Get expert insights about the palm oil market in 2021, and the challenges and opportunities facing the industry at the free POINTERS virtual palm oil seminar.


Nutrition Myth Buster makes a science-backed case for choosing palm oil

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Bowden followed the science — citing study after study — to explain why palm oil is actually a healthy cooking oil choice.

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Expert encourages CBS viewers to eat more palm oil

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Red palm oil is loaded with carotenoids, tocotrienols and other nutrients while some other “heart-healthy” oils are pro-inflammatory. 

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How can global corporations source only sustainable palm oil

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While palm oil is already one of the most environmentally friendly vegetable oils on earth, many global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and Unilever are committed …

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Top blogger encourages families to have a sustainable Easter

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In this article, blogger and TV contributor Carolina King encouraged moms to shop for Easter candy made with non-GMO Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. She referre …

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How to read a candy label: Palm oil, beet dye among healthier choices

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While moderation is still recommended, some candy manufacturers are trying to do the right thing by making gluten-free choices, using eco-friendly ingredients and insisti …

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MPOC sponsors webinar to discuss edible oil safety

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council gathered expert panelists to participate in a webinar about contaminants formed during edible oil processing.

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Is Canada’s butter really firmer than usual?

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Scientists and the dairy industry were quick to explain the many reasons why the firmness of butter can vary widely.