effect of palm tocotrienols on diabetic nephropathy

Palm oil-derived supplement may help those with diabetic kidney disease

News, Research News

Twelve weeks of supplementation with EVNol SupraBio ( significantly improved renal function in diabetic nephropathy patients, as demonstrated in a study pub …

World’s palm oil producing countries meet to discuss MCPD and GE mitigation

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For the last few years, food industry technologists, chemists, regulatory agencies and others have discussed the health implications of potentially toxic 3-MCPD esters an …

Blogger shares how palm oil may extend her healthier years


Lifestyle blogger Geri Bartuch says she loves the saying, “You learn something new every day.”  In her January 2020 blog, she shared what she’s learned about prolonging g …

Winter health TV segment includes mention of Malaysian palm oil

In The News, News

Bowden stressed the importance of consuming healthy fats. “There are so many good things in fats that we need,” he explained, adding that Malaysian palm oil contains toco …

List of top winter superfoods includes Malaysian palm oil

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Fats can help you avoid overeating. “Fat is the most satiating nutrient of all,’ Bowden explained. “When you have a high-fat, high-protein breakfast, you are not hungry a …

Dame Judi Dench explores Borneo rainforests, shares message of hope

News, Sustainability

While exploring the Malaysian Sabah District of Borneo, British actress Dame Judi Dench was struck by the vast forests and incredible wildlife, but what might be most exc …

Nutella’s maker praised for using sustainable palm oil

In The News, News

Ferrero, the maker of the internally beloved chocolate hazelnut spread Nutella, has been recognized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), formerly known as World Wildl …

clean label trend

10 reasons palm oil is valued by the food industry

General, News

Palm oil’s versatility and diversity make it a top choice for food manufacturers. Palm oil has a long shelf life, and is naturally non-GMO and trans-fat free. Here are mo …

need to know about palm oil

Sustainable palm oil keeps Malaysia’s economy and families thriving


Palm oil has truly been a “golden crop” for Malaysia. The industry has been one of the primary contributors toward economic development in the country. It’s credited with …

read a candy label

How to read a candy label: Palm oil, beet dye among healthier choices

Health & Nutrition, In The News, Products, Sustainability

While moderation is still recommended, some candy manufacturers are trying to do the right thing by making gluten-free choices, using eco-friendly ingredients and insisti …

Why responsibly produced foods often have Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil

General, News

When something is as widely used as palm oil, you want to make sure it’s sustainably produced! And palm oil is everywhere! It’s found in everything from chocolate and ice …

California moms discover dietary fat doesn’t cause heart disease

In The News, News

Journalist Shirin Danielpour Yadegar created LA Mom Magazine, an online community, to  empower moms in the decisions they make for their families, including their health. …

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