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palm oil is non-GMO

Nutritious palm oil is non-GMO; great for families trying to eat clean

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Families trying to eat cleaner, more natural meals are happy to learn that non-GMO palm oil is an increasingly popular ingredient in prepared foods. Palm oil comes from t …

baked goods

Malaysian palm oil now in more clean-label goodies in the bakery aisle

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Commercial bakers can get rid of partially hydrogenated oils and trans fats without sacrificing taste by using Malaysian Palm Oil

ood manufacturers prefer Malaysian sustainable palm oil

Why food manufacturers prefer Malaysian sustainable palm oil

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Food technology expert Kurt Berger has more than 50 years of experience researching the quality, function and application of food ingredients. Over the years, he’s found …

Debunking Palm Oil Myths

Why do some people still think they should avoid palm oil?

Health & Nutrition, News

Nutrition Mythbuster, Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, disproves 5 common myths that people have about palm oil and why they won’t use it.

Thanksgiving leftovers

Palm oil turns Thanksgiving leftovers into trendy treats


These up-to-date tips will help you easily transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into better-for-you meals using on-trend ingredients such as winter greens, healthy grain …

What You Should Know About Palmitic Acid

FAQ, Health & Nutrition

What is palmitic acid and what is its connection to palm oil? Here is everything that you need to know about the saturated fatty acid.

What you grew up believing about heart health is probably wrong

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Your mom told you to limit your butter and egg consumption based on 1950s and 1960s research that is now considered outdated and flawed. Healthy saturated fats, such as t …

holiday meal without trans fats

How to make a holiday meal without trans fats

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Include heart-healthy Smart Balance spread for a buttery taste your family will love. As an added bonus, this spread is made with Malaysian sustainable palm oil. The Mala …


How to deep fry without getting overly greasy food

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Deep-fried foods are the ultimate comfort foods. The secret to deep-fried perfection is choosing the right frying oil. 

chef viverito

Stress eating doesn’t have to be unhealthy

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Stress eating may be associated with unhealthy eating, which may make you feel worse so you continue the cycle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why is palm oil used in chocolate?

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Global demand for this sweet treat is expected to grow and with it the need for palm-based alternatives to cocoa butter, which sometimes is in short supply.      

tick or treat

How to keep kids, pets and orangutans safe this Halloween

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Here are four fun tips to keep your kids, pets and yes, even orangutans and elephants, this Halloween.