Thanks to all the bloggers sharing their love for Malaysian palm oil

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We’re also grateful to bloggers who go out of their way to clear up misconceptions about Malaysian palm oil.

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American Public Television has launched a 13-episode series, Taste of Malaysia with Martin Yan. The chef extraordinaire and popular television host will take viewers on a …

keto diet fried chicken

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Chef Gerard prefers Malaysian palm oil because it’s good for the planet – 50 percent of the country’s land is dedicated to sustainability – and it offers loads of other h …

trending Malaysian cuisine

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Chef Gerard is passionate about cooking with sustainable and nutritious ingredients. He frequently uses Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil because it is naturally t …

winning palm oil cookbooks

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Both cookbooks are collaborations between the Malaysian Palm Oil Council, an organization focused on improving understanding of certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil, …

sustainable in the kitchen

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Today’s men can stay sustainable in the kitchen in surprisingly macho ways, such as brewing your own beer and grilling with non-GMO Malaysian certified sustainable palm o …

palm oil also sustains flavor

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Chef G: “I’m always looking for sustainable products, whether it is seafood, vegetables or cooking oil. Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil is the world’s most effic …

grilling mistake

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The start of grilling season gave me a good platform for educating Cincinnati TV audiences about the virtues of Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, including its nu …

oily dark ages

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If you haven’t yet replaced your vegetable oil with healthier and more sustainable alternatives, such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, it’s time to do so.

baking healthier bread


Two slices of bread made without palm oil contains less than half a milligram of vitamin E, yet jumps to nearly 5 mg — one-third of our daily vitamin E requirement — when …

eco-friendly shopping tips

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Ingredients such as organic spices, Malaysian sustainable palm oil and grass-fed beef can liven up family meals while also caring for our planet.

Malaysian ingredients

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It can be challenge to deliver exotic-tasting cuisine using only local ingredients, but Chef Gerard Viverito has embraced ingredients from one of the world’s most eco-fri …

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