Love your air fryer Use these hacks.

Love your air fryer? Use these hacks.

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Appearing on CW-affiliate WISH TV in Indianapolis, classically trained chef Gerard Viverito showed audiences how to use non-GMO and nutrient-rich red Malaysian certified …

grilling gone wrong

Grilling gone wrong

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Grilling is fun and can be delicious. With a few precautions, you can keep foodborne pathogens, fires and exposure to carcinogens from spoiling one of our best warm weath …

palm oil industry

Elephant care is a goal shared by Malaysia and its palm oil industry

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At a sustainable palm oil plantation in Sabah, Nabilah and Marven learned that the Malaysian palm industry provides thousands of needed jobs. The stronger the country’s e …

Malaysian ingredients

Make your next meal more exotic with these Malaysian ingredients


There’s a whole world of flavorful ingredients that can help make your everyday meals more exotic and flavorful. And the good news is: You don’t have to be a world-class …


Popcorn comes full circle with a nutritious twist


From the cast iron pot to the electric air popper to the game-changing microwave popcorn bags, How we make popcorn has changed over the years. Now we’ve learned that gran …

perennial foods

Eating more perennial foods may be the next big trend

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If a home garden full of perennial plants, such as rhubarb, asparagus, onions, berries, grapes and yams can deliver bushels of nutritious food with little to no effort, c …

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Smoke points: When even good oils go bad

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If you’ve ever heated oil to the point where it starts to smoke, then you have exceeded its smoke point.

palm oil for baking healthier bread

Try using nutrient-dense palm oil for baking healthier bread

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Milled whole grains lose their vitamin E when exposed to air. So unless you’re baking with, and consuming, those grains within two days of their grinding, you’re missing …

keto chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day to our keto friends

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Ingredients from the tropical oil palm tree give rich, keto-friendly dark chocolate a definite edge over other sweet treats. 

valentines day palm oil chocolate

Palm oil makes Valentine’s Day chocolate even more indulgent

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Chocolate lovers rejoice! Valentine’s Day is an excuse — is one really needed? — to savor your favorite candy.

New year/new you: Some saturated fats may do a body good

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Keep in mind that judging a food as harmful because it contains more saturated fat, or beneficial because it contains less, is outdated.

Bowden advised audiences to replace the inflammatory vegetable oils in their diets with certified sustainable Malaysian palm oil. “It contains good saturated fat and is not inflammatory.”

Nutritionist helps San Antonio TV viewers kick the pandemic diet

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Instead of eating high-sugar foods that can make us fat, sick, tired and depressed, Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS, told viewers to get back to real food.