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misinformation about palm oil

Have you gained a few COVID curves? Don’t blame any single food.

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Nutrition Myth Buster Jonny Bowden, Ph.D., CNS told Houstonians in this FOX 26 interview that all the dietary advice since the 1980s was wrong.

sustainable in the kitchen

Surprising ways dads can stay sustainable in the kitchen

Culinary, Sustainability

Today’s men can stay sustainable in the kitchen in surprisingly macho ways, such as brewing your own beer and grilling with non-GMO Malaysian certified sustainable palm o …

palm oil for baking healthier bread

Try using nutrient-dense palm oil for baking healthier bread

Culinary, Research News

Milled whole grains lose their vitamin E when exposed to air. So unless you’re baking with, and consuming, those grains within two days of their grinding, you’re missing …

chef viverito

Stress eating doesn’t have to be unhealthy

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Stress eating may be associated with unhealthy eating, which may make you feel worse so you continue the cycle. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Why is palm oil used in chocolate?

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Global demand for this sweet treat is expected to grow and with it the need for palm-based alternatives to cocoa butter, which sometimes is in short supply.      

palm oil is non-GMO

Nutritious palm oil is non-GMO; great for families trying to eat clean

Health & Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture

Families trying to eat cleaner, more natural meals are happy to learn that non-GMO palm oil is an increasingly popular ingredient in prepared foods. Palm oil comes from t …

heart-healthy diet infographic

Pioneering study highlights what really belongs in a heart-healthy diet (infographic)

Health & Nutrition, Research News

Infographic of the cutting-edge Malaysian diet and population study which highlights the study’s advanced design and results.

keto chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day to our keto friends

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Ingredients from the tropical oil palm tree give rich, keto-friendly dark chocolate a definite edge over other sweet treats. 

clean label trend

Why is palm oil included in cooking oil blends?

Health & Nutrition

If it seems like your supermarket’s cooking oil aisle has more choices than ever before, you’re probably right. In addition to multiple varieties of corn, canola, olive a …

valentines day palm oil chocolate

Palm oil makes Valentine’s Day chocolate even more indulgent

Culinary, Health & Nutrition

Chocolate lovers rejoice! Valentine’s Day is an excuse — is one really needed? — to savor your favorite candy.

eco-friendly shopping tips

Five eco-friendly shopping tips to liven up family meals

Culinary, Sustainability

Ingredients such as organic spices, Malaysian sustainable palm oil and grass-fed beef can liven up family meals while also caring for our planet.

Malaysian ingredients

Planet-friendly Malaysian ingredients may be coming to a table near you

Culinary, Health & Nutrition

It can be challenge to deliver exotic-tasting cuisine using only local ingredients, but Chef Gerard Viverito has embraced ingredients from one of the world’s most eco-fri …