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Some nutrition advice has been outdated for decades

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Some well-known organizations offer dietary advice based on a mix of old and new data. Much of it is simply not in line with what we know today.

Stressed Houstonians encouraged to eat more sustainable seafood

Health & Nutrition, Sustainable Cooking with Functional Benefits

Houston may be in the Gulf Coast area, but that doesn’t mean these Texans all know how easy it is to prepare seafood.

Palm oil cookie recipe is this mom’s secret to healthier school lunches

Palm oil cookie recipe is this mom’s secret to healthier school lunches

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Feeding her kids nutritious snacks and meals is a priority for international blogger Viv Jones. “It’s definitely easier to grab something convenient, but I try my best to …

contaminants in edible oils

What you need to know about contaminants in edible oils

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Clemens notes that while 3-MCPD was found to be carcinogenic to small animals, no direct human toxicology data are available.


Popcorn comes full circle with a nutritious twist


From the cast iron pot to the electric air popper to the game-changing microwave popcorn bags, How we make popcorn has changed over the years. Now we’ve learned that gran …

cooking oil

Is your cooking oil making you sick?

Culinary, Health & Nutrition

The cooking oil you’re using may be releasing toxic chemicals. A recent study warns against using some of the most common vegetable oils for high heat cooking, such as fr …

Why you may want to supplement your diet with vitamin E tocotrienols

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Studies have shown that vitamin E tocotrienols are 40 to 60 times more potent as an antioxidant than vitamin E tocopherols.

Outdated research may be influencing your fat intake

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“The assumption that saturated fat at any level of intake is deleterious is not supported by scientific evidence.”

fatty acids

Balancing the fatty acids you eat may help your heart

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We are consuming 6-25 times more omega-6s than anti-inflammatory omega-3s. How did this happen? When we reduced our intake of saturated fat, we replaced it with vegetable …

Malaysian ingredients

Make your next meal more exotic with these Malaysian ingredients


There’s a whole world of flavorful ingredients that can help make your everyday meals more exotic and flavorful. And the good news is: You don’t have to be a world-class …

non-GMO snack

Good news: Your favorite non-GMO snack may contain Malaysian palm oil

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Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree. Squeezing the fruit releases a pure, red oil. Its processing is similar to olive oil. But unlike many other edible oil …

Malaysian desserts

Trendy Malaysian desserts inspire new uses for brown bananas


If you’re bored with making banana bread, and banana smoothies no longer float your boat, it’s time for some new uses for that overripe fruit sitting on your counter.