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vitamin E

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The excitement about tocotrienols is mounting as scientists around the world turn their attention toward this “other” vitamin E. While many of the studies are preliminary …

kids need heatlhy fats

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The American Academy of Pediatrics says fat is an essential nutrient for children. It provides energy for growth and play and should not be severely restricted.


Sustainable Cooking with Functional Benefits

A simple and savory seafood meal that can be prepared in under 15 minutes. To ensure this recipe is environmentally friendly, it uses sustainably caught fish, sustainable …

caregiver tips about fats

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Caregivers often don’t have much spare time. They need smart shortcuts. One of the simplest health changes anyone can make is to switch to eating healthy fats, such as Ma …

Brit + Co palm oil

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Not only is the media helping to end the low-fat/non-fat fad, but they are actively asking questions on how to incorporate healthier and smarter fats into their diets.

palm oil industry

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At a sustainable palm oil plantation in Sabah, Nabilah and Marven learned that the Malaysian palm industry provides thousands of needed jobs. The stronger the country’s e …

palm oil nutrients as we age

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“Therefore, it is very important for everyone, especially elderly people to increase plasma alpha-carotene through dietary supplements or foods with high content of alpha …

balanced diet

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There’s a chance you may not be consuming enough of these good-for-you fats. Keep reading to determine if it’s time to modernize your eating habits.

Is Palm Oil Healthy?

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Palm oil offers a unique, heart-healthy 50-50 blend of saturated and unsaturated fat. Plus, it’s loaded with nutrients, such as vitamin E tocotrienols. These antioxidants …

fatty acids

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We are consuming 6-25 times more omega-6s than anti-inflammatory omega-3s. How did this happen? When we reduced our intake of saturated fat, we replaced it with vegetable …

Blogger teaches home cooks how to use palm oil for classic American meal

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Blogger SoCalTwinMommy showed other home cooks how to prepare a classic grilled meal using Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil. “About a year ago, I was introduced t …

grilling gone wrong

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Grilling is fun and can be delicious. With a few precautions, you can keep foodborne pathogens, fires and exposure to carcinogens from spoiling one of our best warm weath …