Can Dogs Have Palm Oil

Can dogs have palm oil?

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From fish oil and glucosamine to cranberry and probiotics, many dietary supplements that benefit people may also benefit your dog. What about palm oil? Responsibly source …

The best (and worst) foods for your picnic table

The best (and worst) foods for your picnic table

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As it becomes safer for us to gather for outdoor fun, how can we make our BBQs healthier? “It’s what we do to the food that makes it so bad for us,” explained Jonny Bowde …

non-GMO snack

Good news: Your favorite non-GMO snack may contain Malaysian palm oil

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Palm oil comes from the fruit of the oil palm tree. Squeezing the fruit releases a pure, red oil. Its processing is similar to olive oil. But unlike many other edible oil …

vitamin E

Here’s why the “other” vitamin E deserves a place in your medicine cabinet

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The excitement about tocotrienols is mounting as scientists around the world turn their attention toward this “other” vitamin E. While many of the studies are preliminary …

top chef

This top chef suggests you think about sustainability

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Today’s diners often have higher standards, especially when it comes to the environment. A land-consuming main course with a side of genetically modified vegetable isn’t …

read a candy label

How to read a candy label: Palm oil, beet dye among healthier choices

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While moderation is still recommended, some candy manufacturers are trying to do the right thing by making gluten-free choices, using eco-friendly ingredients and insisti …

polyphenols, palm kernel oil

The surprising differences between palm oil and palm kernel oil

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Palm oil and palm kernel oil are both sustainable tropical oils which come from the fruit of the oil palm trees. These versatile oils, however, have very different chemic …

Why palm oil is a great dog food ingredient

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Many dog owners care as much (if not more) about what’s in their dog’s food than they do what’s on their own plates.

healthier oils

Know your holiday fats! Using healthier oils may make a difference.

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Some of these foods aren’t exactly heart-healthy, but you may be shocked to know how much cholesterol-raising saturated fat they contain!

hair-growth supplments

Health mag reports that men are using tocotrienols to boost hair growth

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In an Alternative Medicine magazine article, “The Nutrition Myth Buster” reported that major companies are launching hair-growth supplements made from tocotrienols, poten …

palm oil controversy

Moms: You’d better keep an eye on your kids’ Halloween candy

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It’s frightening to think about the artificial colors and unpronounceable ingredients in Halloween treats. It’s frightening to think about the artificial colors and unpro …

metabolic syndrom

Adults with metabolic syndrome get health boost from palm tocotrienols

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Malaysian palm oil is a rich source of tocotrienols, which are part of the vitamin E complex. While extremely beneficial, many people aren’t getting enough tocotrienols f …