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tocotrienols’ effect on bone health

Renowned researcher studies tocotrienols’ effect on bone health

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The new study demonstrates that oral administration of high dose of alpha-tocopherol as well as mixed-tocotrienol do not cause any significant negative effects on bone ma …

carotenoid intake inversely associated with metabolic syndrome

High carotenoid intake inversely associated with metabolic syndrome

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Malaysian red palm oil is a rich natural source of carotenoids, including alpha- and beta-carotene. These potent antioxidants have been shown to have numerous health bene …

New website highlights health benefits of carotenes

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This online resource and educational center contains technical information, latest research and news about carotenoids, particularly alpha-, beta-carotene and palm carote …

palm oil on food labels

CBS viewers will now look for palm oil on food labels

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Stoler explained that having adequate dietary fat may help alleviate seasonal dry skin, while also giving you more energy.

palm-derived nutrients and Parkinson’s

The healthy connection between palm-derived nutrients and Parkinson’s

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Apart from ingesting carotenoid-rich foods, a convenient way of attaining high levels of alpha-carotene and beta-carotene is via dietary supplements.

bone health

Palm oil’s tocotrienols heralded for their effect on bone health

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Studies suggest that approximately 50 percent of women and up to 25 percent of men age 50 and older will break a bone due to this disorder. Researchers are learning, howe …

mixed carotene

EVTeneSem: The True Natural Mixed Carotene for Food and Beverages

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EVTeneSem is a cold water-soluble natural mixed carotene emulsion that is extracted and manufactured from sustainably-sourced red palm fruit.

stroke ages your brain

Study finds stroke ages your brain by almost eight years

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“We have always known that stroke affects the brain in a debilitating way, often causing temporary or permanent disability, as well as significant impairment of cognitive …

Malaysian palm fruit oil

Malaysian palm fruit oil is helping Americans rid their diets of trans fats

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You’ve probably heard that trans fats are bad for your heart but can you remember why? Trans fats – which show up as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil on food labels – …