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Top 10 health and wellness benefits of Malaysian red palm oil

Palm Oil / Red Palm Oil

What defines a “super food”? Nutritionists and health professionals get particularly excited about plant-based foods that confer a wide range of potential health benefits …

What really happens to your cholesterol when you use a cooking oil blend?

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When consuming our regular diets, we would hardly eat 50 grams of fat in a single meal. If you had normal or mildly elevated cholesterol, this would the last thing you wo …

Well-known biochemist reports from Malaysian oil palm plantation

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Biochemist and leading lifestyle expert Dr. Shawn Talbott took his popular From the Lab video series into the heart of the Malaysian rainforests to show his thousands of …

More ways that fats nourish your brain

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Good fats/bad fats … they aren’t just about keeping your heart running well and the inches off your waistline. Our brains are at least 60 percent fat! So it makes sense t …

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Healthy palm fruit oil’s role in Heart Health Month

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Someone in the U.S. has a heart attack about every 34 seconds. A heart attack happens when arteries narrowed by fat, cholesterol or other substances are unable to supply …

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Malaysian palm fruit oil is helping Americans rid their diets of trans fats

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You’ve probably heard that trans fats are bad for your heart but can you remember why? Trans fats – which show up as partially hydrogenated vegetable oil on food labels – …

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Dr. Oz calls Red Palm Fruit Oil his most miraculous find for 2013

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Dr. Oz launched his January 3, 2013 show by focusing on Red Palm Fruit Oil, saying it may be his most miraculous find in 2013. Saying that its beautiful red color is like …

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Many well-known brands contain palm fruit oil

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If you are excited about all of palm fruit oil’s heart- and brain-healthy benefits, then you may be excited to learn that it is already an ingredient in many popular bran …

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Women’s unique stroke risks and symptoms, and a brain-protection strategy

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Most women aren’t worried about stroke, but they should be. Stroke strikes more women than men each year, and kills twice as many women as breast cancer. Surprisingly, an …

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KOMO-TV News at 4 helps women choose good fats for holiday eating

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It may be hard to keep your diet in check during the holiday season, but it turns out that it is fairly easy to eat good, healthy fats. In a special health news segment, …


AM Northwest guest reveals surprising ways to save women’s hearts

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New research says women under 50 are twice as likely to die from heart disease as breast cancer. AM Northwest (KATU-TV in Portland, OR) hosts recently welcomed guest Sher …

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Las Vegas TV icon Ed Bernstein educates viewers about Malaysian Palm Oil

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The Ed Bernstein Show is the longest-running TV talk show in Nevada, airing on NBC affiliate stations throughout the state. Ed recently welcomed guest Pharmacist Sherry T …