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metabolic syndrom

Adults with metabolic syndrome get health boost from palm tocotrienols

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Malaysian palm oil is a rich source of tocotrienols, which are part of the vitamin E complex. While extremely beneficial, many people aren’t getting enough tocotrienols f …

Palm-based tocotrienol complex may help those with metabolic syndrome

Tocotrienol, omega-3s, curcumin and astaxanthin synergistically improve inflammation and endothelial reactivity

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A combined synergistic effect of mixed tocotrienols (EVNol), curcumin, omega-3s, astaxanthin and other nutrients (Freedom Softgels formulated by Tischon Corp, USA) was fo …

heart-healthy diet infographic

Pioneering study highlights what really belongs in a heart-healthy diet (infographic)

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Infographic of the cutting-edge Malaysian diet and population study which highlights the study’s advanced design and results.

Influential physician speaks out on palm bioactives in our food supply

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In this era of trendy ingredients and so-called superfoods, Peter Pressman MD, MS, FACN, is determined to routinely analyze the research. He wants to understand which nat …

Exclusive MPOC interview is among top 10 most-read industry stories

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An exclusive interview with (MPOC) CEO Datuk Dr. Kalyana Sundram ranked among top 10 most-read Asia-Pacific food & beverage industry stories in August 2020.

Why boycotting palm oil would do more harm than good to the environment

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While some environmental activists may consider palm oil to be bad for the environment, those familiar with the issues say it is the opposite. 

MPOC CEO expresses concerns about European Farm-to-Form strategy

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The European Union’s new Farm-to-Fork Strategy may negatively impact food producers throughout the world. F2F is positioned as a sustainable strategy.

EVNol SupraBio decreases aspirin resistance in patients on blood-thinning drugs

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Supplementation with palm-derived tocotrienol significantly reduced the incidence of aspirin resistance in patients taking aspirin and the antiplatelet medication clopido …

Re-thinking saturated fats and heart disease

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The significance of what it says about saturated fats and heart health is huge! So, I jotted down three of the most important take-aways.

What is palm oil?

Palm oil-based vitamin E may help diabetic peripheral neuropathy patients

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Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, significantly improved nerve growth factor and nerve conduction velocities in the nerves of diabetic peripheral neuropathy


Worried about suffering the effects of a stroke? A natural form of vitamin E may help to protect your brain against neurological damage

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Researchers are uncovering exciting evidence that supplementing your diet with a natural form of vitamin E called alpha tocotrienol may help protect your brain’s sensitiv …

palm oil nutrients as we age

Study shows importance of consuming palm oil nutrients as we age

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“Therefore, it is very important for everyone, especially elderly people to increase plasma alpha-carotene through dietary supplements or foods with high content of alpha …