The Malaysian palm oil industry adheres to the 3Ps principle of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit. This balanced approach supports the farmers who grow the fruit and protects the country’s environment, while providing economic stability. Sustainability ensures long-­term safekeeping of this country’s important agricultural crop.

In Malaysia, the palm industry is highly regulated. Oil palm trees are only grown on designated land using Good Agricultural Practices. Smallholders cultivate nearly 40 percent of Malaysia’s palm­planted lands. Wildlife is carefully protected and natural rainforests conserved. To support these initiatives, the industry has established the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund to support education and conservation programs, including the Borneo Elephant Sanctuary. The Malaysian palm oil industry is also credited for bringing farmers out of poverty, and building community roads, schools and healthcare facilities.

The posts below demonstrate the Malaysian palm oil industry’s commitment to sustainability.

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The Malaysian path to sustainable palm oil

The Malaysian path to sustainable palm oil

The world is demanding responsibly produced palm oil, and Malaysia is delivering. The country has developed its own stringent certification program, Malaysian Sustainable Palm Oil (MSPO), specifically for the needs of both people and planet. The country has an aggressive goal of certifying 100 percent of its palm oil by the end of the 2019.

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