eco-friendly shopping tips

Five eco-friendly shopping tips to liven up family meals

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Ingredients such as organic spices, Malaysian sustainable palm oil and grass-fed beef can liven up family meals while also caring for our planet.

Will Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil help solve global nutrition concerns?

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Climate change, hunger and poor nutrition are continuing to plague our world. These issues highlight the need to change the way we eat, and Malaysian certified sustainabl …

Checking for sustainable palm oil

How do you know if a product is made with sustainable palm oil?


Palm oil is found in about half of the products found in supermarkets, including packaged foods, cosmetics and personal care products such as shampoo and soap. Shopping f …

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Sustainability expected to become a driving force in Asia

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Malaysian officials anticipate that Asian countries, much like their western counterparts, will place an increasingly stronger emphasis on sustainability.

Farmers encouraged to use earth friendly technology

Malaysian oil palm farmers encouraged to use earth-friendly technology

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Malaysian oil palm farmers have used sustainable agricultural practices for more than 100 years. Now, the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is encouraging them to improve …

Good news about Malaysia’s forest conservation

Good news about Malaysia’s forest conservation

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While some people worry about palm oil production causing excessive deforestation, Malaysia is setting the record straight.

palm oil industry

Watch how Malaysia’s palm oil industry protects Borneo’s wildlife

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This post was originally published on February 2, 2015 and updated on September 7, 2021. Episode two of the Asian Food Channel television show, Eating Wild, explored how …

people working in Borneo

A view about the war on palm oil from someone on the front lines


Many people still don’t realize that palm oil is the most sustainable choice. Borneo conservationist Nathan Sen, DVM gives Longevity Live readers his boots-on-the-ground …

Malaysia helps feed the world

Food security and palm oil: How Malaysia helps feed the world.

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Because of Malaysia’s equatorial climate, it can grow oil palm. This fertile tree produces abundant supplies of nutritious fruits year-round. Because of this high yield, …

GMO labeling

What GMO labeling means for palm oil

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Because Malaysian palm oil is non-GMO, nutritious, versatile as well as naturally trans fat-free it’s a smart choice for those wanting a wholesome oil.

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How can global corporations source only sustainable palm oil

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While palm oil is already one of the most environmentally friendly vegetable oils on earth, many global corporations such as Coca-Cola, Nestle and Unilever are committed …

The Malaysian palm oil industry supports wildlife conservation practices.

The Malaysian palm oil industry supports wildlife conservation practices.

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Malaysia has been a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production for decades. The media has noticed! Many initiatives funded in part by the Malaysian palm oil ind …