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demand for Malaysian palm oil

Rising demand for Malaysian palm oil due to health and sustainability

Additionally, state-of-the-art research, which has mapped out the oil palm genome and which was published in the prestigious journal Nature by a joint Malaysian/US research team promises to set the trends to meet world demands in a sustainable fashion, even beyond 2030. As a result of these developments Europe now increasingly regards Malaysian palm oil […]

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palm oil sourcing

What is responsible palm oil sourcing? And why should you care?

Malaysia is a trusted supplier of sustainable palm oil because it adheres to the 3P model of sustainability: People, Planet and Profit. Malaysia’s highly regulated palm oil industry follows ecologically sound Good Agricultural Practices. This progressive Southeast Asian county has also followed through on its 1992 pledge to keep an astonishing 50 percent of its […]

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eliminate trans fats

How Malaysian oil will help America eliminate trans fats

Because Malaysian sustainable palm oil is such a simple substitute for partially hydrogenated oils, Sundram estimates that the United States’ short-term demand for palm oil will increase approximately 20 percent. “This is unlikely to create a major supply constrain for palm producers, especially Malaysia,” said Sundram, adding that Malaysia’s inventory could meet this demand without […]

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palm oil and orangutans

The truth about palm oil and orangutans in Malaysia

Most of Malaysia’s orangutans live on the island’s protected forests. That’s not a challenge as an astonishing 60 percent of Sabah is under forest cover. This provides ample natural habitat for the orangutans to thrive. Palm oil is also legally cultivated in these states, but only on land zoned for agriculture. Many of today’s oil […]

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