Good news about Malaysia’s forest conservation

Good news about Malaysia’s forest conservation

Forest Conservation, Sustainability

While some people worry about palm oil production causing excessive deforestation, Malaysia is setting the record straight.

Help save rainforest animals

Help save rainforest animals

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Helping protect the welfare of elephants, orangutans and other wildlife can be as easy as doing a quick Google search to see if your favorite food or personal care produc …

Malaysia partners with World Wildlife Fund

Malaysia partners with World Wildlife Fund

Forest Conservation, Sustainability

In line with global goals, Malaysia has enhanced sustainable forest management and mainstreamed biodiversity programs into its socio-economic development agenda, post-202 …

Malaysia helps feed the world

Food security and palm oil: How Malaysia helps feed the world.

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Because of Malaysia’s equatorial climate, it can grow oil palm. This fertile tree produces abundant supplies of nutritious fruits year-round. Because of this high yield, …

Malaysia helps the world brace for the next global crisis

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Prior to the coronavirus pandemic, many scientists had warned that deforestation and other industrial processes that encroach into wildlife habitats and natural ecosystem …

palm oil industry

Elephant care is a goal shared by Malaysia and its palm oil industry

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At a sustainable palm oil plantation in Sabah, Nabilah and Marven learned that the Malaysian palm industry provides thousands of needed jobs. The stronger the country’s e …

most efficient oil crop

Smart land use: Palm oil is the world’s most efficient oil crop.

Forest Conservation, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

The world has four major oil seed crops: oil palm, soybean, sunflower and canola (rapeseed). Together, they use 3.55 percent of the world’s total agricultural land. Oil p …

palm oil industry

Watch how Malaysia’s palm oil industry protects Borneo’s wildlife

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This post was originally published on February 2, 2015 and updated on May 6, 2021. Episode two of the Asian Food Channel television show, Eating Wild, explored how the Ma …

perennial foods

Eating more perennial foods may be the next big trend

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If a home garden full of perennial plants, such as rhubarb, asparagus, onions, berries, grapes and yams can deliver bushels of nutritious food with little to no effort, c …


Love animals? Do this before your next trip to the supermarket

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If you love the idea of helping return an injured baby elephant to its family, or protecting endangered species living in the Malaysian rainforest.

Malaysia wildlife rescue

Have you ever met a Sunda Pangolin?

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Malaysia is a lush, tropical paradise, home to a diverse range of species found nowhere else in the world.

snackingcan teach kids to love the planet

Six ways snacking can teach kids to love the planet

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Tell kids their love of juicy grapes, crunchy apples and tart rhubarb helps Mother Earth. And, teach them to look for other perennially produced ingredients on food label …