palm oil ambassadors

In The News, Sustainability

Malaysian students abroad are sharing positive information on Malaysia’s palm oil industry.


In The News, Sustainability

In this article, influential blogger Carolina King encourages moms to choose chocolates made with Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil.

snacks made with palm oil

Health & Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture

Most American manufacturers prefer Malaysian palm oil because it is grown and produced responsibly. The country has strict standards in place which protect the environmen …

issues in the palm oil industry

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Certified sustainable and infinitely versatile, Malaysian palm oil is a key ingredient in America’s food supply. Now the Malaysian Palm Oil Council has taken steps to mak …

food trend

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Perennial crops also provide an environment where native animals can thrive, without fear of their habitat being destroyed for annual replanting. They are generally a lot …

Malaysian palm oil’s worldwide significance

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Palm oil is extremely important to Malaysia’s economy. Each year, Malaysia produces almost 20 million tons of palm oil, valued at approximately 72 billion Malaysian ringg …


ExcelVite, the world’s leading and largest producer of branded nutraceutical ingredients (EVNol, EVNol SupraBio and EVTene) from sustainable palm oil is proud to announce …

earth-friendly easter

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For example, if bunny or egg–shaped chocolate candy is an Easter basket must-have, choose a variety made with responsibly sourced ingredients such as fair-trade cocoa be …

tropical oils

Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

A palm oil ban, say Malaysian officials, could have catastrophic effects on the world’s forests and wildlife by shifting demand to crops that require much more land and o …

benefits of palm oil

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Thomas Lamit anak Lutek understand the benefits of palm oil. He has seen firsthand how it has helped his family and community.


Forest Conservation, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Wildlife Preservation

Malaysia has been a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production for decades. The country was the first to produce sustainable palm oil, has implemented a game-ch …

sustainable agriculture

Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

The Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund provides support for land preservation, and undertakes programs to ensure that oil palm cultivation does not cause defor …

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