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Malaysian officials ask EU, UK not to give in to anti-palm oil lobbyists

Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

A palm oil ban, say Malaysian officials, could have catastrophic effects on the world’s forests and wildlife by shifting demand to crops that require much more land and o …


Malaysia strengthens its commitment to the environment

Forest Conservation, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Wildlife Preservation

Malaysia has been a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production for decades. The country was the first to produce sustainable palm oil, has implemented a game-ch …

sustainable agriculture

Malaysian palm oil is a model for sustainable agriculture

Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

The Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund provides support for land preservation, and undertakes programs to ensure that oil palm cultivation does not cause defor …

Malaysia helps feed the world

Food security and palm oil: How Malaysia helps feed the world.

Health & Nutrition, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

Because of Malaysia’s equatorial climate, it can grow oil palm. This fertile tree produces abundant supplies of nutritious fruits year-round. Because of this high yield, …

Malysian palm oil is preferred

Malaysian palm oil is preferred by American companies

Health & Nutrition, Products, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

Malaysia is the world’s second-largest palm oil producer, and supplies its oil to companies worldwide. “About 90 percent of the palm oil that is used in the United States …

palm oil is non-GMO

Nutritious palm oil is non-GMO; great for families trying to eat clean

Health & Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture

Families trying to eat cleaner, more natural meals are happy to learn that non-GMO palm oil is an increasingly popular ingredient in prepared foods. Palm oil comes from t …

most efficient oil crop

Smart land use: Palm oil is the world’s most efficient oil crop.

Forest Conservation, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture

The world has four major oil seed crops: oil palm, soybean, sunflower and canola (rapeseed). Together, they use 3.55 percent of the world’s total agricultural land. Oil p …

Mommy blogger Carolina King talks about Halloween candy and palm oil

Eco-friendly mom tells viewers about Halloween candy and palm oil

In The News, Sustainable Agriculture

King mentioned that many of the nation’s leading candy makers use responsibly sourced palm oil, such as Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil, for their products. By t …

What the experts are saying about Malaysian sustainable palm oil

In The News, Sustainable Agriculture

Malaysian Palm Oil is favored by food industry professionals who are looking for a clean label oil because its non-GMO, nutritious and doesn’t require hydrogenation. Thos …

Halloween candy made with palm oil

Fox viewers learn about Halloween candy made with sustainable palm oil

In The News, Products, Sustainable Agriculture

While discussing ways to “green up” the holiday, registered dietitian nutritionist Felicia Stoler gave viewers of Fox Morning News the brand names of some candy companies …

EU Action Plan is unfair

Malaysian Palm Oil Council says EU Action Plan is unfair

Forest Conservation, General, Sustainable Agriculture

The Malaysian Palm Oil Council has come out against the EU’s proposed unilateral Action Plan against deforestation, charging that is impractical to implement unilateral g …

snacks made with palm oil

Four reasons why today’s moms prefer snacks made with palm oil

Health & Nutrition, Sustainable Agriculture

Most American manufacturers prefer Malaysian palm oil because it is grown and produced responsibly. The country has strict standards in place which protect the environmen …

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