Wildlife Preservation

Wildlife Conservation Fund

Wildlife Conservation Fund takes special care of elephants

Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

The Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund worked with the wildlife department to establish this organization which supports conservation efforts along with rescui …

palm oil and orangutans

The truth about palm oil and orangutans in Malaysia

Forest Conservation, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

Most of Malaysia’s orangutans live on the island’s protected forests. That’s not a challenge as an astonishing 60 percent of Sabah is under forest cover. This provides am …

Malaysian wildlife study

Nutraceuticals World hails breaking news of Malaysian wildlife survey

In The News, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

The editors gave “breaking news” status to this story about Malaysia’s new wildlife survey, intended to strengthen the country’s already stringent conservation efforts. T …

Trade publication reports on Malaysian orangutan survey

In The News, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

A Food Ingredients First roundup told industry insiders about Malaysia’s new population survey on orangutans and elephants in its iconic Sabah region.

pygmy elephant released

Malaysian pygmy elephant released into its natural habitat

Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

An iconic pygmy elephant is once again enjoying life in its natural habitat, thanks in part to a collaborative effort between the Malaysian palm oil industry and the Saba …

Malaysian wildlife

Working with Malaysian wildlife is a dream for this conservationist

Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

Founded in 2010, the Malysian Wildlife Rescue Unit – which is supported by the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund — works tirelessly to ensure that Malaysia’s …

New Orleans palm oil

This Fox-TV New Orleans interview was about nutritional damage control

In The News, Wildlife Preservation

Please forget about following a fat-free or low-fat diet. The research is now very clear that those diets were a mistake from the beginning. Not only don’t they promote w …

Eating Wild

Cooking show explores link between orangutans and Malaysian palm oil

Wildlife Preservation

The Eating Wild hosts visited the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre in Sabah, Malaysia, the site of the world’s first project to return orangutans to the wild. The …

dears about Halloween Candy

Media nationwide calms parents’ fears about Halloween candy

In The News, Wildlife Preservation

Earlier fears about rainforest-harming ingredients in Halloween candy are no longer an issue. “Many American food manufacturers now use environmentally friendly ingredien …

Brit + Co palm oil

Media discovers palm oil’s healthy fat qualifications

In The News, Nutrition, Wildlife Preservation

Not only is the media helping to end the low-fat/non-fat fad, but they are actively asking questions on how to incorporate healthier and smarter fats into their diets.


Palm oil plantations support Malaysia’s biodiversity

Forest Conservation, Sustainability, What's New, Wildlife Preservation

Oil plantations are incredibly productive. A single acre of oil palm produces 11 times more oil than a single acre of soybean plants, and 7 times more oil than an acre of …

palm oil is good for our planet

Video describes how Malaysian palm oil is good for our planet

Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, What's New, Wildlife Preservation

Malaysian oil palm plantations are home to many different species of animals, from birds and reptiles to wild pigs and monkeys. This is just one of the environmental bene …

Malaysian Palm Oil Council

The Palm Oil Health website is your resource for information on the health and nutritional benefits of Malaysian palm fruit oil and palm fruit oil bioactives.

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