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If these animals could speak, they’d thank you!

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council is also a major financial contributor to the country’s remarkable Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU). 

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The wildlife are thriving in Malaysia’s oil palm plantations

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Malaysia is one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, and its palm oil industry is determined to both protect and conserve its natural resources.

Saving the elephants

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Sabah, a state in Malaysia, is well known worldwide for its rich variety of wildlife including the protected Bornean elephants.

wildlife rescue unit

How you can support Malaysian conservation efforts

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By taking a few minutes to confirm if a product manufacturer uses only certified sustainable palm oil you can support Malaysian wildlife rescue efforts.


Malaysian sustainable palm oil comes from the non-GMO oil palm tree

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Because of the oil palm’s high yield, Malaysia produces ample quantities of this global commodity while maintaining its 1992 Rio Earth Summit pledge to maintain more than …


Malaysia strengthens its commitment to the environment

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Malaysia has been a recognized leader in responsible palm oil production for decades. The country was the first to produce sustainable palm oil, has implemented a game-ch …

Malaysia’s Wildlife Rescue Unit releases 2019 annual report

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Malaysia’s Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) rangers and veterinarians are dedicated to keeping their country’s abundant wildlife population safe and healthy.

Halloween candy and palm oil

What eco-savvy moms need to know about Halloween candy and palm oil

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Thankfully, American companies are increasingly using environmentally friendly ingredients such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil in their products.

Heartfelt thanks to the Wildlife Rescue Unit for coming to this bear cub’s rescue

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Kudos to the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) for saving the life of this tiny Bornean Sun Bear cub, after it was found wandering alone by a villager.

Malaysian palm oil industry acts to save majestic Malayan tigers

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The Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC) is working to help increase the population of wild Malayan tigers to at least 1,000.

Another baby Borneo elephant rescued

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A baby Borneo elephant was rescued by the Wildlife Rescue Unit (WRU) in early August 2020, after local residents saw it wandering around the Malue Reserve.

Animal rescues just a small part of Wildlife Conservation Fund’s impact

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Through the Malaysian Palm Oil Wildlife Conservation Fund (MPOWCF), the palm oil industry and the Malaysian government have come together to demonstrate their commitment …