Wildlife Preservation

Malaysia's commitment to conservation

Forest Conservation, News, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

This new Forest Bill further empowers forestry officials to deal with any illegal deforestation in Malaysia. It includes stiffer penalties, as much as one million Ringitt …

slimming snacks

Culinary, Health & Nutrition, In The News, News, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

This little metabolic bomb fills you up, cranks up your metabolism and satisfies your cravings. Otherwise, you may eat other not-so-healthy things. Second, it’s good for …

no palm oil

General, News, Palm Oil / Red Palm Oil, Products, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Wildlife Preservation

If consumer demand for these other oils increases, could deforestation to make room for more agricultural land be far behind?

fuss about palm oil

Forest Conservation, General, Sustainable Agriculture, Tocotrienol, Wildlife Preservation

“Every country is different. Malaysia, for example, is one of the good guys. It produces sustainable palm oil. More than 50 percent of Malaysia’s forests are protected fo …

good news about fats

Forest Conservation, In The News, Sustainability, Wildlife Preservation

Nutritionists, dietitians and physicians around the world are trying to spread the word: What you’ve been taught about saturated fat and cholesterol is wrong. You do not …

popular foods

Health & Nutrition, Sustainability, Sustainable Agriculture, Wildlife Preservation

Now we’ve learned that there’s a huge difference between palm kernel oil and palm fruit oil. Leave the palm kernel oil behind. Palm fruit oil isn’t just a fat. It’s one o …

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