The acronym SAD stands for more than just Seasonal Affective Disorder (that funk you may feel when dark, gloomy days outnumber sunnier ones). SAD also stands for Standard American Diet, and it may lead to a different kind of funk. The food you’re putting into your body may not be doing much for your brain. Consider using more red Malaysian certified sustainable palm oil in your cooking because it is super brain healthy. It’s also an ingredient in many foods on supermarket store shelves as well as in dietary supplements. 

As functional medicine expert Bryce Wylde told the nationwide CityLine TV audience, “We’re overconsuming micronutrient-deficient foods: too many carbohydrates, too many snack foods and too much fast food. In addition to causing us to pack on the pounds, SAD may cause our brains to short circuit. This can lower our moods … The pigment in red palm oil comes from beta carotene and tocotrienols.” These nutrients support brain health and our moods, in addition to being heart healthy. 


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