No matter your age, protecting your skin from UV damage is essential. Most of us are aware of the importance of wearing sunscreen, but I shared another sun protection tip with CBS’s Bounce TV: Malaysian palm oil-derived tocotrienols. I told the Charlotte viewers to consider supplementing with these nutrients to help protect their skin from the inside out.

Most people think of vitamin E as a single nutrient, but there are actually eight forms of this vitamin; four of them are tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are strong antioxidants. They support your skin, as well as your brain and your heart. Researchers believe that tocotrienols help protect your skin from UV damage by slowing cellular aging. Research also indicates that certain tocotrienols may limit neurological damage from a stroke, and help maintain healthy arteries.

It’s important to look for tocotrienol supplements derived from Malaysian palm fruit. Malaysian palm-oil derived tocotrienols are a sustainable product. This nutrient-rich fruit grows on lush oil palm trees in this environmentally forward country. These trees produce bountiful fruit all year long. Malaysia and its palm oil industry are known for their strong conservation efforts. They care for the environment, the wildlife and the palm fruit farmers. Malaysian palm oil-derived tocotrienol supplements may be a smart addition to your healthy lifestyle.

In addition to supplements, you can boost your tocotrienol intake by cooking with non-GMO Malaysian sustainable palm oil. Carotino is available in many international grocery stores. The oil’s vibrant orange color comes from the high level of healthy beta carotene it contains. Malaysian palm oil is a great ingredient, as it tolerates high heat better than other oils, such as olive and canola. It retains its nutritional value during baking and frying, and won’t break down into dangerous compounds. Because it’s naturally trans fat-free, you can also find Malaysian sustainable palm oil in many better-for-you packaged foods, such as Luna Bars and Smart Balance spreads.

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