The dietary recommendations that health officials made years ago have shifted. It’s now considered to be okay to include some cholesterol and saturated fat in our diet. Nutrition expert Jonny Bowden, PhD, CNS discussed the government’s changing dietary guidelines on Salt Lake City’s KSL news. The health author explained that making a few adjustment in your diet, such as replacing corn oil with Malaysian sustainable palm oil, may help reduce your risk of disease.

The new saturated fat recommendation is based on science. “There have been two major studies in the last four years that have shown that saturated fat has no relationship to heart disease. We have just been sold a crock of you know what,” said Bowden. “And what we’ve been doing is replacing these normal, healthy fats from real whole foods such as eggs, nuts, cheese and butter, with all of these processed carbohydrates which has made us fat, sick, tired and depressed.” The typical diet over the past decade has been low in fat and high in sugar. Bowden pointed to rice, cereal and pasta and said, “And even when it doesn’t seem like it is high in sugar, it converts to sugar in the body in a heartbeat and the body treats it the same way.”

He suggested aligning your diet with the latest research. “The take-home for today is: Switch some of your cooking oils,” he said. “These corn oils and vegetable fats are very inflammatory. They contribute to heart disease and every degenerative disease we know.”

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Bowden’s alternative is to use more tropical oils, such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil. “These are wonderful oils to cook with. They are not inflammatory. They stand up to heat pretty well.” Palm oil can be used up to 455 degrees. He explained that the environmental concerns sometimes associated with palm oil may be remedied by choosing wisely. “In Malaysia they are so sustainable and environmentally conscious. If you get your palm oil sourced from Malaysia, it’s going to be fine.”

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