When functional cooking chef Gerard Viverito learned about the results of the 12-month Malaysian diet and population study, he instantly knew he wanted to share them with readers of his blog. The study is compelling. After carefully monitoring the diets of 577 healthy adults, and evaluating them for multiple heart disease risk factors, researchers concluded that restricting carbs had a significantly greater benefit to heart health than restricting fat consumption.

The type of fat didn’t matter. In fact, 83% of study participants consumed mostly palm oil which is 50% saturated fat.

“As a chef, I know fats are an important part of cooking and dietary intake,” Viverito writes in his blog. “Your body will burn any fat that you put in it, whether it is used fryer shortening or animal fats. Knowing this, I reach for one that I know is clean for my body, does not require any adjustments to my recipes and is imperceptible to the consumer. Add to that the fact that Malaysia produces palm oil with environmental stewardship, unlike most other countries, and it’s a win-win.”

Based on this study, Viverito advised his readers to pay closer attention to the types of carbs they consume. “Start buying more raw ingredients and slowly build your culinary repertoire and produce great tasting meals that are healthier for you and your family while benefiting the planet as well.”


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