Dr. Oz launched his January 3, 2013 show by focusing on Red Palm Fruit Oil, saying it may be his most miraculous find in 2013. Saying that its beautiful red color is like a “stop sign for aging”, Dr. Oz believes that Red Palm Fruit Oil a secret that “extends the warranty on nearly every organ in your body”.

Guest alternative health expert Bryce Wylde walked Dr. Oz through all of Red Palm Fruit Oil’s, describing it as a powerful multi-purpose oil. Among his findings (see his extensive report here):

• Red palm fruit oil has more of the antioxidant carotene than tomatoes or carrots

• Red palm fruit oil contains tocotrienols, a special form of vitamin E

Combine the two together, according to Dr. Oz, and they might help stop the aging process.

Dr. Oz commented during the segment that he never thought something would top coconut oil, “but this does”. Wylde and Dr. Oz suggested that just two tablespoons a day could help add years to your life by protecting brain cells and the arteries in your heart. Red palm fruit oil may also help to blast away fat because it metabolizes quickly.

How to use red palm fruit oil: Dr. Oz predicts Red Palm Fruit Oil will change the way we cook because it’s super easy. At room temperature, it’s semi-solid so it’s great to substitute for butter or margarine as a spread on bread or potatoes. And since, unlike most fats, it won’t oxidize and denature at high heat, it is ideal for nearly all cooking methods.

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