Move over Alpha Lipoic Acid! Tocotrienols may be the new antioxidant in town to help protect us against background-radiation and post-diagnostic scan damage. Independent senior research consultant Dr. K. Sree Kumar’s presentation during Palm Oil Nutrition Week dispelled some major myths about radiation. While many still believe that radiation’s damage to the body is unstoppable, Dr. Kumar revealed that increasing scientific evidence suggests that tocotrienols from Malaysian Palm Fruit Oil may be an inexpensive way to help protect against those negative effects.

This research is particularly exciting for healthcare professionals delivering or prescribing radiation therapy and radiation-based diagnostics such as CAT scans, as well as for patients receiving these often life-saving tests and procedures.

Gastrointestinal issues, such as diarrhea, and poor nutrient absorption are common radiation side effects. Dr. Kumar revealed:

• Animal studies showed that ingesting gamma tocotrienols enhance recovery of the enterocytes, which make up the lining of the small intestine. This helped to reduce the number of gut bacteria that escaped to other parts of the body, and enhanced post-radiation recovery.

• Gamma tocotrienols also appear to help to protect against radiation damage in the spleen and bone marrow.

More energy can be devoted to healing when the body doesn’t need to counter radiation’s side effects. I was also pleased to learn that the powerful antioxidants present in tocotrienols help to increase vigor, which suffers after prolonged exposure to radiation.

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