As Palm Oil Nutrition Week continued in Malaysia, Dr. Bryce Wylde helped attendees relate the research to its potential impact on world health. In his presentation, No Miracle Medicine: A Health Tonic for the 21st Century, Wylde explained that chronic diseases – including cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes – are the top global health epidemics of our time and the leading causes of death in the world. “Sustainable, virgin, organic, red fruit palm oil belongs in the diet of anyone interested in preventing chronic disease,” he emphasized.

There is a wealth of information tracing the impact of palm oil on health outcomes including plasma lipids, lipoproteins, immune functions, diabetes and cancer. The latest scientific findings in these areas, especially in humans, is being highlighted during this conference. In addition, attendees are learning about the challenges faced by the global edible oil industry in meeting trans-free formulation demands through new fat modification technologies as well as the nutritional outcomes.

Worldwide alternative medicine expert, clinician, media personality, and philanthropist Bryce Wylde works to empower consumers to make educated choices in the realm of natural and complementary alternative medicine. Bryce shares his knowledge by educating the public through media opportunities including The Doctor Oz show, Good Morning America, CTV, Global, and Rogers networks in Canada. Additionally, Bryce is the author of the national bestseller The Antioxidant Prescription and Wylde on Health.

Palm Oil Nutrition Week aspires to highlight the positive role of palm oil bioactives – including tocotrienols, carotenoids and phenolics – that are now found in many food items. This conference is providing researchers, healthcare professionals and consumers with the latest scientific evidence on the health advantages of dietary palm oil.

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