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Fox viewers learn my fat-burning secret is choosing the right oil

Everybody has those friends who eat whatever they want, don’t go to the gym and never gain a pound. They’re blessed with a gifted genetic metabolism. The rest of us have to work at it, especially if you have hypothyroidism as I do. When it comes to staying fit, I’m high maintenance. When I appeared on San Antonio’s Daytime Nine, I shared a fat-burning secret: Go for the fats that burn fats, such as Malaysian sustainable palm oil. Palm oil is a healthy fat which nourishes your body.

Eating the right foods and avoiding diet-killing foods helped me lose 40 pounds and keep it off. I revealed all my secrets in my book, but the one I shared with Fox viewers involves metabolism-slowing fats. Many people love cheese, but few realize that two ounces of reduced fat cheese has 180 calories and 12 grams of fat. And even more if it isn’t a reduced fat variety. Don’t shoot the messenger. I also warned the viewers about coffee creamers. These add empty calories that may be stored as fat. Even the non-fat creamers are loaded with hidden sugars that may affect your blood sugar and slow weight loss. Drinking coffee black changed everything for me.

A better-for-you fat is Malaysian palm oil. I consider it a sustainable fat.

  1. It’s sustainably grown and produced. It’s good for our environment.
  2. It helps sustain your satiety. Try some drizzled over your lunchtime salad.

Malaysian sustainable palm oil is naturally trans fat-free. It’s also rich in vitamin E tocotrienols. This healthy nutrient protects our brain. It may even help limit cerebral damage if you have a stroke, as well as help accelerate recovery. Malaysian palm oil’s tocotrienols may also help with menopause symptoms. Research indicates that tocotrienols may help reduce bone loss and may increase bone formation.

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