The fourth conference on palm phytonutrients and chronic diseases will be held at the Hilton Boston Back Bay Hotel on October 14, 2017. This event is organized and sponsored by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board.

Renowned palm phytonutrients researchers will present the latest research and updates on palm tocotrienol complex and the emerging oil palm phenolics. Among the invited researchers, Professor Dr. Chandan K Sen (Ohio State University), Dr. Pramod Khosla (Wayne State University) and Dr. KC Hayes (Brandeis University) have spent many years studying the effects of palm tocotrienol complex on stroke, effects of tocotrienols on dyslipidemia and palm oil nutrition, respectively.

Representatives from ExcelVite, the largest producer of natural full-spectrum tocotrienol/tocopherol complex and the only tocotrienol producer that operates in accordance with GMP, will also be at the conference. Business Development Manager Bryan See is presenting, Production and Standardization of Palm Tocotrienols.  “Over the past eight years, the International Conference on Palm Phytonutrients and Chronic Diseases has provided a good platform for researchers and the industry to share the latest research and findings on palm phytonutrients with research scientists, medical doctors and formulators. I have also seen significant development over the years, where research has progressed from in vitro to in vivo and now clinical studies, particularly in brain health, funded by the NIH. It will be an exciting conference and I urge all those dietary supplement companies in the northeastern U.S. to join this conference to learn what these palm phytonutrients especially natural full-spectrum palm tocotrienol complex has to offer,” said See.

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The conference is free to attend but early registration is encouraged as seats are limited. Interested participants can download the registration through this link.

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